Intensive Training

Training opportunities to specialize in a particular diagnosis are limited in the field of speech-language pathology. Intensive Training (Apraxia Kids Boot Camp) offered by Apraxia Kids, is an in-depth, in-person learning experience to take your knowledge of childhood apraxia of speech to the next level.


Apraxia Kids Boot Camp is an intensive, advanced training program. Apraxia Kids Boot Camp was designed to strategically identify and intensively train qualified speech-language pathologists in order to boost their clinical expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).

Next Scheduled Boot Camp

The next Apraxia Kids Intensive Training Institute (Boot Camp) will be held in the summer of 2025. Application will open in the fall of 2024. If you would like to be notified when applications will open, please click below:

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Requirements for Applying to the 2023 Apraxia Kids Intensive Training

Is an SLP with a minimum of 5 years of clinical experience post graduate school and has experience providing direct speech intervention with children with CAS.

Is a clinician who has treated at least 5-10 children with apraxia of speech in the past and feels reasonably successful with this client population.

Is listed in the Apraxia Kids SLP Directory (or is in the process of being listed and will be completed by application deadline.)

Is a clinician who has access to a child with apraxia of speech to complete their required case study as part of the intensive training.

Is a clinician who has a good understanding of phonetic transcription.

Has attended within the last five years, continuing education on CAS from a variety of instructors and on a variety of topics, and is able to discuss how such training has informed their clinical practice for assessment and treatment.

Has the capacity in their current employment setting to accept new clients for both assessment and treatment and is committed to serving as a local resource for other professionals and families.

Is committed to maintaining an ongoing relationship with Apraxia Kids to support education of other professionals and families through volunteering within their local community and beyond.

Will continue to engage in learning opportunities and report those back to Apraxia Kids to maintain status of having Advanced Training and Expertise in CAS.

**Please note** Clinicians with limited experience (i.e. new practitioners or those who have seen less than 5 children with CAS) or those with quite extensive, existing expertise and reputation for their work with this population are not the target audience for this training.

What has been the impact of Apraxia Kids Boot Camp?

Nearly 150 speech-language pathologists in the US and Canada have been trained through the Apraxia Kids Boot Camp. These graduates have gone on to educate other SLPs in their communities, organize a Walk for Apraxia or other fundraising events, speak at our National Conference, and present On-Demand Webinars on advanced topics. They serve as experts to provide appropriate assessment, treatment and support to children and families in their communities.

What makes Apraxia Kids Boot Camp different than other training opportunities?

Unlike other training opportunities, Apraxia Kids Boot Camp has a 6-month mentorship following the training where participants can receive feedback on their case study. Such mentorship is rare to find without additional cost.

Apraxia Kids Boot Camp Graduates

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Check out these blogs from our graduates where they recount their experiences and share advice for potential students!


What do past graduates say about their experience attending boot camp?

Apraxia Kids is the only source of intensive apraxia of speech education for speech-language pathologists. With your support, we can provide our one-of-a-kind training to more speech therapists across the country.