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My child was just diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech. What do I do?

First, know that you are not alone. There are supports available to you to help you along your journey. Our website has a lot of information that can help you. We suggest starting here, with our “New to Apraxia” page, to learn some basic information. Make sure you join our Facebook support group to seek advice and support from other parents and professionals. You can seek an evaluation from an SLP who has experience with childhood apraxia of speech by visiting our Speech-Language Pathologist Directory.


  • Please click here to access our Webinar Library FAQ. If you require additional support please contact
  • Where do I mail all my ASHA CEU forms?
    • Please mail your forms to 1501 Reedsdale St., Suite 202, Pittsburgh, PA 15233

National Conference

Speech Tablets for Apraxia

Please click here for information on our Speech Tablets for Apraxia program. Any questions regarding this program must be sent to

I’d like to have some of my resources listed on your website. Who should I contact for this?

You can email to inquire about adding resources to our website.

I’d like to volunteer. How can I volunteer in my community?

Please email to let us know what you are interested in doing to support our mission.

What does Apraxia Kids do to support children with CAS?

You can find out more about Apraxia Kids and the programs we offer by clicking here!

There isn’t a professional listed in my area on your Speech-Language Pathologist Directory. What should I do?

The directory is not inclusive of all therapists experienced in childhood apraxia of speech. We are continually working to reach out to therapists across the US and Canada that have skills, training, and experiences to be successful with children with apraxia.

We encourage you to check out a local university that may house a speech and language department.  There may be someone at the university that has some expertise or can help guide you.  You may also wish find the closest Speech-Language Pathologist in the directory and see if they are willing to work on a consultative basis, provide a treatment plan and/or be available for collaboration with a local therapist.  Some specialists may be willing to do video consultation to provide input for your child. If you need additional assistance please contact

How do I update my contact information in your records?

  • If you wish to update your contact information or be removed from our communication lists, please contact and include your first and last name or call 412-785-7072.
  • If you wish to update your contact information for the Speech-Language Pathologist Directory click here. You will need your username and password. You will need to reset your password first if you do not have it available. Once logged in click “Edit your contact information and locations.” If you login and it says your profile is under review please email

How do I unsubscribe from the email list?

Please click “Manage Email Preferences” at the bottom of our emails to choose which emails you would like to receive from us or unsubscribe entirely from our email list

What information or tools can I give a teacher to help them understand my child’s diagnosis?

Apraxia Kids makes has print materials available that you can request directly.  Additionally, we have a variety of downloads that are available when clicking here.

Are there any apps to help children with Apraxia?

  • Advancements in technology have afforded children with disabilities a variety of unique opportunities! For children with apraxia of speech, there are many apps on the market that can help with various speech targets. Please note that the type of app your child may require strongly depends on where they are on their speech journey. Your child’s speech-language pathologist can help you determine which apps may be best, but you can also join our Facebook group “Apps for Apraxia Kids” to hear from other parents!


Please see the article in our library entitled “What About Sign Language, Speech Tablets, and Other Communication Forms? Apraxia Kids has partnered with Penn State Health Children’s Hospital to share and distribute the Speech and Language Apps guide published by The department of Behavior and Developmental Pediatrics at The Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.  Apraxia Kids does not endorse any specific apps; the directory is meant to be a guide/resource.

What information or tools can I give a teacher to help them understand my child’s diagnosis?

Apraxia Kids has print materials available that you can request directly here.

Speech-Language Pathologist Directory

  • I am a Speech-Language Pathologist – how can I get on the directory list?
  • At Apraxia Kids, we understand how very challenging it can be for families to locate a speech-language pathologist who has a high level of experience and skill in assessing and treating children with apraxia of speech which is why we have developed the directory.

We screen all professionals in a multi-step process in order to have some reasonable understanding that they have the skills, training, and experiences to be successful with children with apraxia. You must pass (80% or higher) an online quiz. Upon successful completion you will be asked a series of short answer questions. Once we have had the opportunity to review your short answers, we will contact you to alert you if we are able to include you in the directory.

  • What costs are associated with the registry?
    • Apraxia Kids is committed to providing an accurate, user-friendly Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) directory. In order to support database maintenance and information updates, we suggest a voluntary $25.00 donation (from SLPs entering the directory).
  • I am an Speech-Language Pathologist and have submitted to be included in the registry – when do I hear back?
    • Please anticipate up to 8 weeks before being notified.
  • I received an error message while submitting my results.

I’d like to interview someone from Apraxia Kids for a project/documentary/article/etc.

If you have press or media questions or inquiries please email

I’d like to intern at your office. Do you have any positions available?

Apraxia Kids does host interns in our Pittsburgh office. We ask that you email your resume and cover letter to

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I would like to make a donation to Apraxia Kids.

To make an online donation, please click here. To learn about a variety of other ways to support Apraxia Kids, including workplace giving, sponsorship, and gifts of stock, please visit our Ways to Give page.

Do you need further assistance? Contact our staff with further inquiries and we can assist you as soon as possible!

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