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Mila3We are now accepting applications for the 2018 Speech Tablets for Apraxia Program! In this program, qualified children with a diagnosis of apraxia of speech are provided with speech tablets and protective cases in order to assist with speech practice; use as a communication tool and educational support.

The program, in its seventh year, was created in recognition of the volume and intensity of speech practice necessary for children with apraxia. Various tablet apps are designed to assist with speech practice in home and other environments. Additionally, many apps exist which can be used as communication tools or augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) for children still struggling to be understood.

In a research report regarding our Speech Tablets for Apraxia program (formerly known as iPads for Apraxia), parents and therapists reported positive perceptions of and experiences with the iPad technology at home and during speech therapy. Children reportedly experienced excitement, motivation, immediacy, reduced frustration, and the ability to practice speech outside of therapy.

Our 2018 Speech Tablets for Apraxia Program Application Packet contains all of the information, instructions, applications that are required. Parents or legal guardians are eligible to apply for their child. Residency and income guidelines do apply.
CoreyApplicants are encouraged to read the information and instructions carefully and to be sure to send all required documentation.

There is a complete set of “Questions & Answers” in the application packet. Because we are small in number of staff, we are unable to take phone calls regarding the application process. Individuals are able to email for questions. No other email addresses will respond to questions.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our donors, participants, and volunteers! Without your support this program would not be possible!

New in 2018!

Beginning in 2018, there will be two speech tablet options available: (1) an iPad with case and (2) the Tobii-Dynavox Indi with case and the Snap + Core First app installed.  Your child’s Speech-Language Pathologist will play an important role in helping us determine the best option for your child.  We reserve the right to choose which tablet to award, based on all of the information provided.


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