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Apraxia Kids facilitates webinars each year for professionals and parents. Our Webinars provide the viewer with a variety of options that range from childhood apraxia of speech-specific topics to related critical issues such as bullying and academic challenges.

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  • Access to over 60 evidence-based webinars on childhood apraxia of speech and related issues for one year
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  • Apraxia Kids is proud to offer webinars that appeal to both parents and professionals, related to therapy, schooling issues, home life, and much more! When you purchase a membership, you will receive access to webinars related to the following topics:
    • Defining, describing, and diagnosing apraxia
    • Treatment for childhood apraxia of speech
    • Education and schooling
    • Advocating for your child with apraxia
    • What if it’s more?
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Recent Webinars

New and Upcoming Webinars

  • Motivating Children with Exciting Apps
  • AAC Strategies for Apraxia
  • Reaching Out to Dads and Siblings of Children with CAS
  • Becoming Your Child’s Best Advocate
  • The Power of Play in the Development of Young Children
  • Legal Issues from a Parent/Attorney Perspective

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Webinar Policies

The Apraxia Kids Webinar Platform will maintain an ongoing CE course library with discipline-specific content for the primary purpose of meeting CE requirements necessary for professional certification and/or state licensure. This course library may be updated and/or modified during your membership. The Site may remove a CE course from the library at any time, for any reason, without notice to you. While the Site will make all reasonable efforts to offer CE credit for its courses, is not responsible for state or national or regulatory changes in CE requirements that may make courses ineligible for CE credits.

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