Apraxia Kids developed this exciting resource called the IEP Roadmap! This tool provides detailed information to help you become your child’s best advocate and navigate the IEP process, whether it’s your first or tenth time.


To start using the IEP Roadmap below, click on the answer that best fits where you are in your journey. As you navigate, click on the bubbles you find on each page to learn more about each topic and a new window will open up with more detailed information, including downloads and printable items for your use. When you are ready to move on, follow the arrows to your next stop.

Navigation Tips

  • View this tool on a computer or sideways on  your phone/tablet for the best viewing experience.
  • The three dots in the bottom right corner of the IEP Roadmap open a navigation menu where you can see the full map.
  • The pointer icon in the top right corner shows you the interactive areas of the map. 
  • If you get lost, click the IEP Roadmap icon in the top right to start over.


Our initial goal was to develop a simple one page resource, or checklist, to help families prepare for an IEP meeting. But our team quickly realized – we can do more – and we did!

This project was developed by a small group of a few Apraxia Kids staff members and some incredibly dedicated volunteers, including parents and professionals from different perspectives across the country. Our goal was to consolidate and explain the IEP process in a more digestible and manageable way for families to navigate. We hope this tool helps you learn what you need to feel empowered to be the best advocate for your apraxia star!

Disclaimer: Aligned with our mission, Apraxia Kids does not endorse any one method, program, or approach. This is a tool to help you navigate the IEP process. You should check your state laws and school district rules and guidelines. This IEP Roadmap is not to be construed as legal advice.



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IEP Roadmap Feedback

Do you know of a tip or resource that helped you navigate special education or the IEP process for your child? Please give us any feedback or additional resources for the IEP Roadmap so that we can continue to update and improve it.

IEP Roadmap Feedback
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