Speech Tablets for Apraxia
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call to ask questions about completing my application?

We are sorry, but no, you cannot call to ask questions about completing your application. Apraxia Kids is comprised of a very small staff to cover many programs and geographic areas and due to the expected volume of applications, we are unable to take phone calls. You may email your questions to: speechtablets@apraxia-kids.org. Please read the application information fully. We cannot respond to questions that are already answered within the application.

If I applied for the program last year and was not accepted, do I have to reapply this year?


If I received a tablet from the program in the past, am I eligible to reapply for a new tablet this year?

No. Due to the overwhelming amount of applicants, past recipients cannot apply for another tablet.

Do I have to provide proof of income?

No, proof of income is not required.

Who can apply on behalf of a child?

Only a parent or legal guardian may apply on behalf of a child. No exceptions. SLPs are not permitted to apply for a child, but are involved in the application process.

What if I can’t get my child’s SLP to complete the SLP questionnaire and paperwork?

This would be very unfortunate, and we feel for your situation. However, your application cannot be considered without the required questionnaire and evaluation or therapy summary report from the child’s current SLP.

What do you mean by my child’s speech-language evaluation report or current detailed therapy summary?

Your child’s primary Speech-Language Pathologist must submit a complete speech-language evaluation report or current therapy summary by your child’s primary speech-language pathologist or your application cannot be considered. A proper speech-language evaluation written report typically includes developmental history, evaluation test scores, clinical probes and observations, professional recommendations, and a formal diagnosis of children apraxia of speech (CAS) or suspected CAS (sCAS). A therapy summary should include the child’s diagnosis, a listing of the long term and short term goals with dates, progress during the reporting period for each goal, and recommendations for the next reporting period. A one page summary, for example, is not considered a complete speech-language evaluation report or detailed therapy summary. (NOTE: Evaluations more than one year old for children ages 2.5 – 6 and evaluations more than two years old for children ages 7 – 18 will not be accepted.  Therapy summaries must be dated within 3 months of the date the application is filled out.)

Can I submit a letter or report from my child’s doctor, instead of a speech-language evaluation report, that states my child has apraxia of speech?


Can I submit a letter or report from my child’s neurologist, instead of a speech-language evaluation report, that states my child has apraxia of speech?


Is a school IEP with speech goals the same as a speech-language evaluation or therapy summary report?

No. Providing an IEP does not meet the requirement for a written speech-language evaluation or current therapy summary.

What if, as an SLP, I can’t get the child’s parent to complete the paperwork?

If you are an SLP, you cannot apply for the Speech Tablet Program on behalf of a child with apraxia, but you will be involved in the application process. A parent or legal guardian is the only individual who can apply for a child to receive a speech tablet.

Can my child’s former SLP complete the information in the application?


What if my child is not in speech therapy and so does not currently have an SLP?

If your child does not have a current SLP and is not receiving speech therapy, you will be unable to complete the application packet and thus, we will not be able to consider the application. If your child is not currently in speech therapy, this program is most likely not a good fit for your child.

Why might a child not be selected or be deemed ineligible?

A child might not be selected for a variety of reasons, such as those below:

  • The family’s income is higher than the income guidelines
  • No speech and language evaluation report or current therapy summary diagnosing CAS or sCAS is included
  • No substantiation that the child’s primary speech concern is CAS or sCAS is given
  • Incomplete application; or lack of adequate written reason from parents for requesting the speech tablet

These are just some of the reasons that a child may be deemed ineligible or not be selected. Also, we simply have too many applications and must use our priority list to make a final selection.

Will the speech tablet come with apps already installed?

No. Please consult your child’s speech-language pathologist for recommendations on apps that best meet your child’s needs. You can also find ideas for apps on our website through our Free App Guide here: https://www.apraxia-kids.org/apraxia_kids_library/apps-for-kids-with-apraxia/

When will I find out if my child is selected?

Applicants will be notified of their status by Wednesday, November 29, 2023. We are a small organization, and due to the volume of expected applications, we will be unable to provide explanations to those not selected. The decision of our selection committee is final.