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Children with apraxia can enjoy summer camp while still working on their speech skills in fun, new ways. Each year, we collect some ideas for summer camps and programs that include a speech and language component to help children with apraxia continue to make progress and practice. You can find dates, locations, prices, and more program details on each of these programs’ websites.

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The world of IEPs and 504s and all of the other alphabet soup of special education can be overwhelming and very confusing! There’s tons of helpful information out there, but even that can be difficult to navigate. Apraxia Kids has compiled a BRAND NEW Resource Guide all about IEPs to help you navigate this process!

IEP Resource Guide


This list of books for parents, children and professionals has been compiled by the apraxia community. It includes books to help with sound practice, stories about children dealing with speech difficulties and books to inform parents and professionals about childhood apraxia of speech.

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Regardless of your schooling choices this year, it will be a school year unlike any other. Click below to find resources on topics like schooling options, homeschooling, special education, work/school/home life balance, and incorporating speech into your schooling at home.

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Apps for Kids with Apraxia

Due to the ever changing nature of technology, new apps are always available. Apraxia Kids has partnered with Penn State Health to share and distribute the Speech and Language Apps guide published by the Department of Behavior and Developmental Pediatrics at Penn State Hershey Medical Center.  Apraxia Kids does not endorse any specific apps nor is this list all-inclusive. The directory is meant only to be a guide/resource.

App Guide


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