Summer Speech & Language Camps for Apraxia


It’s time to start thinking about the summer and some great opportunities for our apraxia stars! Children with apraxia can enjoy summer camp while still working on their speech skills in fun, new ways. Each year, we collect some ideas for summer camps and programs that include a speech and language component to help children with apraxia continue to make progress and practice. You can find dates, locations, prices, and more program details on each of these programs’ websites.


This is not an exhaustive list!
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Due to COVID-19 impacts, please make sure to check each camp’s website for the most up to date information on any closings, delays, or other program changes.


Learn more about the types of camps on this list, general questions about sending your child to camp, packing tips, and much more here!



AAC Camp Alberta
The University of Alberta in partnership with March of Dimes Canada (MODC), is excited to offer an annual weekend family camp for children who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). AAC Camp Alberta is for children aged 6-19 years who use speech generating communication devices and their families to enjoy some fun camp activities while they practice social communication.
Contact: 780-492-5990,
Location: Virtual

This camp is for motor planning difficulties (such as CAS)
These camps are run by speech-language pathologists, but do not have formal speech therapy sessions. Instead, they have structured a summer camp that is full of language-rich activities that the children can enjoy along with peers that have similar communication challenges. These camps are for children with apraxia, suspected apraxia, motor planning speech disorders, or suspected motor planning speech disorders.
Location: Calgary

Itsie’s Bitsies Speech and Language Summer Camps
Camp sessions are run by registered SLPs and support staff and use a play-based therapeutic approach by incorporating goals into a variety of play activities. Activities include stories, rhymes free play, games, crafts, and movement. Children also get practice with fine and gross motor skills.
Contact: 403-200-7828,
Location: Calgary

Pathways Pediatric Services – Speech Therapy Summer Camps
This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
Pathways Pediatrics offers speech camps, which are intensive intervention for children with mild to severe speech and language delays. They offer two summer camps (Language & Literacy Camp and Apraxia & Motor Speech Disorders) which both build oral communication, speech sound production, literacy, social skills, and more. Group and individual sessions are run by SLPs and SLP-As with extensive experience.
Contact: 403-455-4072,
Location: Calgary



RISE Summer Camps
The Learning Disabilities Society hosts small group, safe, specialized RISE Summer Camps. Their team designs special programming and activities that are delivered safely in-person to exceed health and safety guidelines. Their customized and creative weeklong Vancouver summer camps focus on helping students with learning differences develop new skills through fun, hands-on camp programs with high instructor and camp counsellor to camper ratio.
Contact: 604-873-8139,
Location: Vancouver



Anderson Therapy Services Children’s Day Camps
Lively Letters Literacy Day Camp is for students struggling with reading, speech and/or language, and English as a Second Language students. Speak and Ride Day Camp is a unique summer program that combines horseback riding with intensive speech-language therapy and is for students who have difficulties with stuttering, pronunciation, comprehension, expression, voice, social skills, and reading/writing skills.
Contact: 289-238-8598,
Location: Burlington

Camp Kennebec
Camp Kennebec is a summer camp for kids and teens with special needs, learning disabilities, and developmental delays including autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, ADD, Down Syndrome, OCD, brain injury, anxiety, social skill and other challenges.
Contact: 613-335-2114,
Location: Ontario

Camp Kodiak
A unique, integrated, non-competitive summer camp program for children & teens with & without Learning Disabilities, ADHD, & high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Contact: 905-569-7595,
Location: McKellar

Speech Star Camps for Kids
This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
Camps and groups run by a speech-language pathologist who is Apraxia Kids Recognized for Advanced Training in CAS. Speech Star Camps are for children with suspected or diagnosed childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and/or childhood dysarthria.
Contact: 519-265-TALK, click here to email
Location: Guelph



Do you know of a camp or program that should be included? Submit your camp suggestions HERE!



Do you know of a camp or program that should be included? Submit your camp suggestions HERE!



Do you know of a camp or program that should be included? Submit your camp suggestions HERE!




Camp SAY: Across the USA
Summer camps for young people who stutter (ages 8-18) across the US. At Camp SAY, campers will have fun while building communication skills, improving self-esteem, and forging important friendships in their local areas.
Contact: 646-403-3516,

National Cued Speech Association
Learn Cued Speech in the relaxed atmosphere of various camps located throughout the United States. Spring, summer, and fall camps are offered for families, professionals, the deaf/heard of hearing, and people with learning disabilities.
Contact: 800-459-3529,

National Easterseal Society
Day and/or overnight camps for children with disabilities located throughout the United States.
Contact: 800-221-6827,

PRIDE Summer Accelerated Orton-Gillingham Instruction
PRIDE specifically addresses dyslexia and the needs of students struggling with reading and writing comprehension. You can choose to have a PRIDE Reading Specialist come to you for In-Home instruction, online instruction, or the new Virtual Reality Instruction for the Accelerated Summer Program.
Contact: 866-839-0655,



Happy Camp at Merrimack Hall
Offered each summer, Happy Camp is a performing arts camp for those with special needs, aged 3 or older. Each week of camp has a unique theme in activities such as music, theatre, dance, and arts & crafts.
Contact: 256-534-6455,
Location: Huntsville



Do you know of a camp or program that should be included? Submit your camp suggestions HERE!



Arizona State University Speech and Hearing Programs and Camps
ASU’s College of Health Solutions offers several camps and programs related to speech, language, and hearing for children, teens, and adults. These therapeutic camps provide high-quality professional services for people of all ages with needs in communication and hearing improvement. Specifically, the Camp to Enrich Oral Language and Literacy Acquisition (CEOLLA) is a language and literacy program for preschoolers ages three to five. The camp focuses on speech, receptive and expressive language development, and pre-literacy skills.
Contact: 480-965-2373, click here to email
Location: Tempe

LEAP Summer Camp at Foundations Developmental House
The Language Enrichment and Acquisition Program (LEAP) is a language program for children ages 2.5-5 years of age. Speech-language therapists integrate speech and language intervention with play and everyday activities. LEAP is for both typically developing children and children with speech and language impairments. Language impairments can include problems with pronunciation, syntax, sentence construction, or using an inappropriate voice to communicate.
Contact: 480-219-3953,
Location: Gilbert

Lions Camp Tatiyee
Camp Tatiyee is committed to making ALL summer camp activities accessible to your camper, whatever their need may be. Your camper will be able to participate in cutting-edge adventure programming and educational workshops made to fit their needs. All programs are designed to improve the confidence, independence, and emotional health of your camper.
Contact: 480-380-4254,
Location: Lakeside

Pediatric Speech and Language Specialists
This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
Help your child or young adult improve their ability to communicate, pay attention, comprehend, read, write, remember, and socialize with others at Pediatric Speech and Language Specialists. Should you want summer help or want to add to your therapy plan, you can choose from several of their research-based programs including Kamp Talk Alot, Intensive Apraxia Program, Summer Reading Boost, and Fast ForWord Language and Reading Programs.
Contact: 480-991-6560,
Location: Scottsdale

Sunrise Therapy Sensational Summer Camp
This is an innovative summer camp focusing on development and integration of senses. Movement, ocular motor, and fine motor will all be a part of a multi-sensory approach to help your child increase strength, writing abilities, and become a better listener/learner.
Contact: 602-485-4444,
Location: Phoenix



Beyond Speech Learning Center Summer Programs
Beyond Speech provides literacy camps during the summer months to promote retention of skills learned during the school year, to avoid the “summer slide” and to prepare for the upcoming new year. Some programs include Picky Pals, Little Learners Program, Kindergarten Readiness, Reading Superstars, and so much more!
Contact: 501-367-8007, click here to email
Location: Little Rock

Camp Aldersgate
The Camp Aldersgate experience is one that provides the joys of outdoor recreation and socialization in an accessible environment in which campers of all abilities can participate and, most importantly, succeed.
Contact: 501-225-1444,
Location: Little Rock



Camp Chit Chat
Camp Chit Chat, from the Santa Barbara RiteCare Center, is a fun and socially interactive camp for preschool age children with mild-moderate speech and language delays. It’s a great way for children to keep up with essential communication skills during the summer when regular therapy services are not offered. Each camp participant will be placed in a small group (2-3 children) with same-aged peers also working on similar skills such as articulation, language, fluency and social communication.
Contact: 805-962-8469,
Location: Santa Barbara

Camp Mariposas
Camp Mariposas from MP Health is a summer camp program geared for young and school-aged children with speech and/or occupational therapy needs. The summer camp program offers a unique perspective on helping children with specific speech, occupational, movement, and sensory needs. Camp Mariposas creates opportunities for young children to engage in fun activities that enhance and facilitate their communication and sensory development. With licensed therapists, Camp Mariposas will ensure that every day of camp will foster the speech, language, social skill building, and sensory/movement will be put into practice.
Contact: 805-253-2547,
Location: Santa Barbara and Atascadero

Camp weTALK and Camp wee-TALKers
This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
Camp weTALK is open to kids ages 5-12. Camp wee-TALKers is open to kids ages 3-4. Both camps are designed for children with a diagnosis of childhood apraxia of speech. Activities include an initial dynamic assessment of motor speech skills followed by daily group (1:1 or 2:1 ratio) and individual sessions (1:1). Twice daily individual sessions focus on motor speech skills. At the end of camp, each child will receive a report including baseline levels and progress notes. Group sessions will incorporate the Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory approach to phonics and will give opportunity to practice individualized speech targets with peers. Story time will incorporate Jan Norris’ “Phonic Faces.” All techniques are evidence-based.
Contact: 415-924-2444, click here to email
Location: Corte Madera

LA Speech & Language Therapy Center, Inc.
Say N’Play Summer Day Camp is an intense speech- and language-based program taught by licensed speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and behavior interventionist support staff who assist the children who present behavior challenges. Drama Kings & Queens Summer Day Camp is a 6-week summer program where students work on developing communication skills, social pragmatic skills, and acting abilities through creating an amazing musical performance, which culminates in a performance at a professional theatre at the end of camp.
Contact: 310-649-6199, click here to email
Location: Culver City

Summer Reading Camp at PRIDE Learning Center
Summer program with intense therapy for students with speech delays, auditory processing or developmental delays struggling with speech, language, reading and comprehension. Orton-Gillingham multisensory one-on-one reading and language sessions with credentialed and certified teachers.
Contact: 866-774-3342 x 1,
Location: Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Yorba Linda, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Carlsbad, and Palo Alto

TALK Summer Camp Program
The summer camps offered by TALK are intended to enhance and enrich speech, language, and social communication skills through fun and engaging activities. Whether it’s transitioning into an older grade, making new friends at the park, or being more aware of group dynamics, TALK summer camps cover it all! Camp activities target play skills, awareness of verbal and nonverbal social cues, perspective-taking, flexible thinking, conversation, turn-taking, following directions, learning how to foster and maintain friendships, and so much more.
Contact: 650-344-9961, click here to email
Location: Burlingame and Danville



Adam’s Camp
Adam’s Camp programs offer intensive therapy, family support, and recreation for children, youth, and adults with special needs. Teams of therapists focus on campers’ strengths to provide goal-directed, outcome-based treatment at the YMCA of the Rockies, Snow Mountain Ranch.
Contact: 303-563-8290,
Location: Granby

Children’s Therapy Services of Colorado’s Social Groups
Children’s Therapy Services of Colorado, Inc. offers numerous Social Group sessions designed for specific age groups and often include children with a variety of delays or diagnosis (e.g. ASD, ADHD, Speech Delay, Social/Emotional concerns). Group classes are led by two therapists of different specialties and children are taught to develop learning routines that promote their communication, social engagement, and overall attention and learning.
Contact: 720-872-6472,
Location: Northglenn

Colorado ACTS and Special Needs Actors Program
Colorado ACTS offers a variety programs for children with special needs that provide students the opportunity to expand their communication and social skills.
Contact: 303-456-6772,
Location: Wheat Ridge

Colorado Foundation for Conductive Education Summer Camp
CFCE summer camps provide intensive Conductive Education therapy (covering therapeutic areas similar to traditional physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy) for children with motor disabilities in a fun, motivating group environment. Children work on gross motor and fine motor skills, increase their flexibility and strength, practice life skills, and enjoy taking an active part in social activities with their peers in a structured learning environment tailored to their individual goals.
Contact: 720-252-2299,
Location: Aurora, Loveland, and Denver

STAR Institute Summer Youth Programs and Camps
The STAR Institute offers a variety of youth programs, ongoing groups, and summer camps, both online and in-person, that support your child and family with daily activities that focus on the skills they need to succeed. Their various summer programs involve movement, language development, sensory, and social skills for ages 3-17.
Contact: 303-221-7827,
Location: Centennial

Summer Social Groups from Straka Speech
Occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists at Straka Speech offer more than five different programs over the summer for young children. These groups help children to develop social skills, build relationships, improve speech and motor skills, and more.
Contact: 720-398-8806,
Location: Castle Rock

Summit Pediatric Therapy Summer Groups
Summit Pediatric Therapy offers almost 10 summer groups where children practice their speech and communication skills, retelling stories, literacy, handwriting, social skills, and more. These programs provide experiences for children to learn and fine-tune skills within a wide variety of fun-filled group settings.
Contact: 720-542-8737,
Location: Aurora, Centennial, Littleton, and Denver

Yay! Camp
Offered by Easterseals Colorado, Yay! Camp serves children ages 7-18, with and without disabilities, helping them overcome daily challenges and meet new expectations while living life with equity, dignity, and independence!
Contact: 303-233-1666,
Location: TBD



Apraxia Camp for Me
This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
A* Camp for Me is a one-week, half-day program for children ages 4-10 with a diagnosis of childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) or similar speech disorder. At A* Camp for Me, children learn new strategies to help produce clearer speech, improve secondary features of CAS, and meet other children who face some of the same challenges as them.
Contact: 914-447-7160,
Location: New Canaan

Burke Therapy’s Speech & Occupational Therapy Summer Camps
Combination of small group structured literacy, speech, language, and movement play group camps for children with speech-language and/or occupational therapy needs. Although chronological age is used as a guideline, we also consider the developmental age and needs of each child when determining camp placement.
Contact: 203-414-3769,
Location: Simsbury

The Speech Academy
This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
The school provides an intensive speech and language-based academic program for students exhibiting speech and language, learning, auditory processing, apraxia, and social skills challenges. Students on the autism spectrum, including Asperger’s syndrome, also benefit from this model of educational programming. A collaborative teaching team, daily staff meetings, and a technology rich environment facilitate instruction in all academic areas. The Speech Academy also provides summer programs through Extended School Year.
Contact: 203-220-9595
Location: Easton and Somersville



Children’s Beach House Summer and Weekend Camps
CBH offers camp programs on the Delaware Bay at their Lewes facility. These camps provide a unique experience for children with special needs to explore and learn from our natural environment. The camp is a multi-modal opportunity to extend the goals of the Youth Development Program.
Contact: 302-645-9184, click here to email
Location: Lewes and Wilmington



Arc of South Florida’s Early Childhood Summer Camp
The Arc’s early childhood program, partially funded by The Children’s Trust, provides summer camp services for children with disabilities up to 5 years of age, not yet in kindergarten, in Kendall and Florida City locations. Developmentally appropriate themed activities provide fun opportunities for developing all skill areas while addressing individual needs through literacy, fitness activities, social skills, family involvement, summer water safety, multisensory environment room enhancement, creative arts, and field trips. The Arc of South Florida also has a wide variety of other children’s programs available.
Contact: 305-759-8500,
Location: Kendall and Florida City

Beyond the Spectrum Summer Camp
Beyond the Spectrum’s Early Learning Center is for younger kiddos with special needs like autism, ADHD, and other related diagnoses. Their programs focus on the development of basic social skills and regulation of behaviors. They also offer half and whole day summer camp programs.
Contact: 941-907-3443,
Location: Sarasota

Camp ABLE is a specialized summer camp program for children with developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges ages 3 to 21. Children enjoy exciting daily activities and trips to fun and enriching places such as water parks, the theater, play centers, and museums. Campers are provided with swimming lessons, community-based instruction and recreation, social skills training, physical fitness activities, cultural arts, and recreation activities, case management, behavioral, and nursing services. Certified teachers provide academic instruction in math, science, and literacy. Occupational, speech, and physical therapy are available for children if approved by their health insurance or through private payment arrangements. Staff-to-child ratios vary and are based on your child’s needs.
Contact: 954-746-9400, click here to email
Location: Broward County

Dream Oaks Camp
Foundation for Dreams, Inc. hosts Dream Oaks Camp, a camp for children with special needs and chronic illnesses ages 7-17, with various disabilities specifically designed to strengthen their social skills, self-esteem and independence in a safe, barrier-free environment.
Contact: 941-746-5659,
Location: Bradenton

Tampa Kids Therapy Camp Programs
Tampa Kids Therapy offers several summer camp programs, all centered around engaging kids in meaningful and hands-on developmental learning opportunities! Their camps have small therapist to student ratios so that more attention can be given to each child’s individual learning style. Just a few of their summer camp programs are Kindergarten Readiness, Reading & Writing FUNdamentals, Sensory Science, Frozen Fine Motor Fun, and more!
Contact: 813-978-9765,
Location: Tampa



Atlanta Speech School Summer Clinic Programs
Atlanta Speech School offers different levels of camps based on age for language-based learning disabilities or speech and/or language delays. These intensive speech, spoken language, and literacy one-week camps focus on social language skills, narrative writing, receptive/expressive language skills, literacy skills, and articulation.
Contact: 404-233-5332,
Location: Atlanta

MDE School Summer Enrichment Camps
The MDE School offers several weeks of summer learning for children ages 5-12 with communication disorders or developmental disabilities. Each week will reinforce academic skills, including language groups, sensory and find motor groups, and promoting special skills.
Contact: 770-971-4633,
Location: Marietta

Mind & Motion Developmental Centers of Georgia
The Mind and Motion Centers hosts a social skills group, summer camps, and a handwriting group. Each group is specifically tailored to either developing social or fine motor skills. Children with social challenges benefit greatly from the content and clear structures of our programs.
Contact: 678-749-7600, click here to email
Location: Suwanee

New Heights Academy Summer Program
This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
New Heights Academy incorporates art, culinary activities, social fun with peers, and field trips into their summer sessions. Programs are open to children with autism, ADD, ADHD, apraxia, anxiety, learning disabilities, and more.
Contact: 770-530-7394,
Location: Alpharetta

Therapy & Learning Center (TLC) of Georgia
TLC Georgia offers two summer programs. At Social Skills Field Trip Summer Camp, children will learn about social skills in a safe and fun environment. Each day starts with a small social skills group followed by practice. Day trips include Jump Zone, Chattahoochee River, bowling, acting class, and more. This camp is appropriate for children with ADHD, Asperger/High Functioning Autism, language/learning disabilities, and social anxiety. You can also build your own Custom Programs. TLC Georgia hosts a limited number of students ages 5-17 during the summer months for 3-day intensives. Services are offered a la carte and include 1-1 reading, writing, and math tutoring with a special education teacher. Speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, ABA therapy, and social skills opportunities with other students are offered based on need.
Contact: 678-824-2145,
Location: Roswell



Camp Cool
Hosted by the Assistive Technology Resource Centers of Hawaii, Camp Cool’s mission is to provide an environment for children with disabilities so they can interact with their peers, participate in fun STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics), experience life away from their usual day-to-day events, and be challenged to step outside of their comfort zone.
Contact: 808-532-7112,
Location: Honolulu



Do you know of a camp or program that should be included? Submit your camp suggestions HERE!



Black Bear Academy Summer Camp
Black Bear Academy offers academic summer camps, therapeutic summer camps, and specialty intensive camps for speech, reading, writing, math, art, behavior, and more. Their programs are designed to engage children in fun, multisensory learning experiences that build upon their growth from the previous school year while preparing them for the next. Session topics range from executive functioning training and school readiness to continued practice in core academic skills like reading, writing, and math. Dedicated team of teachers and therapists will recommend individualized academic and/or therapeutic programming for one or both summer camp sessions, working alongside your family to craft the best camp schedule to meet your child’s needs and give them an exciting and safe summer to remember.
Contact: 773-244-0700,
Location: Chicago

Chicago Pediatric Therapy & Wellness Center, LLC
Chicago Pediatric Therapy & Wellness Center, LLC is a therapist-owned, pediatric therapy clinic that provides group programs and events for children in addition to their year-round physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, teletherapy, aba/autism therapy, and social work services in the clinic, home, or school setting.
Contact: 773-672-7775,
Location: Chicago

EB Pediatric Resources Summer Speech Camp Program
EB Pediatric’s offers a six-week camp program for young children who need to gain skills in speech, socialization, or simply to become ready for fall classes! Classes are taught by experienced speech, behavior, and occupational therapists who work on improving a variety of skill areas including language, executive functioning, sensory-motor processing, behavior and self-help skills, social awareness and communication—and can accommodate children with autism in a blended program.
Contact: 312-458-9865,
Location: Chicago

Hummingbird Children’s Academy
Offered by Hummingbird Pediatric Therapies and Enrichment, the Hummingbird Children’s Academy offers research-based developmental services for children ages 3-6. Taught by trained specialists, theme-based lessons focus on critical thinking skills, sensory processing, fine/gross motor skills, speech and language, and more. Curriculum was designed by certified speech/language, occupational, physical, and developmental therapists.
Contact: 630-560-0136,
Location: Westmont

In2Great!’s Therapeutic Summer Camps
In2Great! Pediatric Therapy offers several programs for children outside of their year-round services. Their camps and other programs focus on social skills development, emotional development, self-regulation skill building, sensory and fine/gross motor development, communication skills, transition skill building, and more.
Contact: 847-777-8995, click here to email
Location: Buffalo Grove

Just Right: A Supportive Summer Camp
Offered by Kick Start Pediatric Therapy Network, Just Right is a summer camp for children ages 3-6 years old who need a small group camp experience that aids in the progress of social skills, sensory processing, and language development. It is open to children with our without a medical diagnosis with insurance coverage available to those who qualify. Kick Start also has other small/social groups.
Contact: 847-386-6560,
Location: Northfield and Libertville

Mueller Pediatric Therapy
Mueller Pediatric Therapy serves clients age birth to 18 years old. They offer more than a dozen specialty summer groups, programs, and social groups throughout the year. Their family-centered approach gives children every opportunity to be successful. Some of their summer groups include focuses on handwriting, communication, motor skills, social skills, sensory needs, and much more.
Contact309-282-6704click here to email
Location: East Peoria

One in a Hundred Summer Camp
The One In A Hundred summer camp was established in 2009 to help children who have challenges establishing and maintaining friendships to develop social language skills within a positive summer day camp experience. Combining executive functioning skill development, Social Thinking® skills based on the work of Michelle Garcia Winner, and drama experiences, campers learn how to share experiences with their peers in the best context possible — a real, vibrant community of friends.
Contact: 847-461-9230,
Location: Northbrook

Step Forward Therapy
Step Forward Therapy offers year-round therapies as well as specialty therapy groups for kids. These groups utilize the Social Thinking approach to help kids better understand peer interactions and what is expected of them within social settings. New groups are always forming.
Contact: 224-248-9449,
Location: Arlington Heights

Treehouse Pediatric Therapy
Among the plethora of other year-round services offered by Treehouse Pediatric Therapy, you can also find several different social groups. Led by multiple licensed speech or occupational therapists at the clinic, the social groups typically range from 3-6 children in a similar age group. The social groups are most popular during the summer, but can run at any time of the year with enough interest. The therapists that facilitate these groups focus on encouraging interaction with peers, verbalizing emotions, understanding and expressing social cues, sharing and playing well with others, learning problem-solving skills, as well as much more.
Contact: 630-541-3652,
Location: Woodbridge and Batavia

Turning Wheels Pediatric Therapy Summer Groups
Turning Wheels provides child and family-focused pediatric speech and occupational therapy to children of all ages. They combine excellent care with a fun and engaging environment allowing your child to feel comfortable while achieving success. Turning Wheels Pediatric Therapy also offers several summer groups including Superflex Social Skills Group, Talk Time, Writing Rockstars, Sensory Explorers, Toddler Talk, and more.
Contact: 630-200-6972,
Location: Wheaton



Camp Yes And
Camp Yes And is a project of the Center on Education and Lifelong Learning (CELL) at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community. Their mission is to use improv to foster equity and inclusion in education. They combine support for neurodiverse youth to make social connections with professional learning for educators. Camp Yes And is a summer day camp designed for neurodiverse and similar high school students who would benefit from support around building social communication skills. Camp is also a professional learning opportunity for educators: K-12 general and special educators, speech-language pathologists, school psychologists and social workers, community-based arts educators, etc.
Contact: 812-855-6508, click here to email
Location: Bloomington



Camp Courageous
Camp Courageous, a year-round respite care and recreation facility, welcomes individuals with developmental or physical disabilities or health conditions ranging in age from 3 to adulthood.
Contact: 319-465-5916, click here to email
Location: Monticello

Camp High Hopes
Camp High Hopes offers year-round therapeutic recreation programs and respites in Sioux City, IA designed to enrich the lives of youth and adults with diagnosed disabilities, chronic illnesses, and other special needs. Our specialized programs include experiences in archery, canoeing, and nature education, among others, for individuals and groups with Autism, Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, and other intellectual and physical disabilities.
Contact: 712-224-2267,
Location: Sioux City

University of Iowa’s Wendell Johnson Speech & Hearing Center
Summer therapy programs allow for intensive therapy opportunities, bonding among participants who share similar communication disorders, and one-on-one counseling for parents whose children participate in these programs. Summer programs include: Listen and Speak Up preschool, MAGIC and ARC Support Groups, Social Climbers, and UISPEAKS Fluency Camp.
Contact: 319-335-8702,
Location: Iowa City



Literacy Camp
Held at the Wichita State University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, Literacy Camp involves reading, writing, fun activities, and hands-on materials to strengthen children’s literacy skills.
Contact: 316-978-6356,
Location: Wichita

Sertoma-Schiefelbusch Summer Programs
The Sertoma-Schiefelbusch Summer Programs bring children together to explore their world and improve their communication skills while participating in fun activities. The programs are staffed by students and faculty from the Schiefelbusch Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, a part of The University of Kansas.
Contact: 785-864-4690,
Location: Lawrence



Talk About Fun!
The University of Kentucky Communication Sciences and Disorders Academic Clinic offers two options for summer speech and language services. The June Summer Camp, for ages 3-8, will provide children with both group and individual activities. The July Summer Enrichment Program is for children of all ages to work on speech and language goals in an individual setting. All sessions will be supervised by a licensed speech-language pathologist and conducted by a team of graduate students enrolled in the University of Kentucky Communication Sciences and Disorders Master’s Program. These options are designed for children with mild to moderate articulation, phonological, and language deficits and will provide enrichment and maintenance of speech and language skills. Each week will incorporate a theme to target various skills, including building vocabulary, grammatical concepts, literacy skills, and phonological processes.  Both are a great way for your child to stay on track with their speech and language skills and continue to work toward their goals!
Contact: 859-218-0584,
Location: Lexington

The Hearing & Speech Center
The Early Learning Center at The Hearing & Speech Center offers a variety of early educational programming including Day School for children as young as six weeks, Preschool, Kindergarten, and Summer programs including camps for children through second grade. Children with and without hearing loss or speech/language delays can benefit from our inclusive classroom settings. All classrooms and activities at the Early Learning Center feature language and literacy enriched curriculum with small student to teacher ratios. The listening and spoken language based programs provide a superior educational foundation for all children.
Contact: 859-268-4545, click here to email
Location: Lexington



Camp Dynamics
Camp Dynamics, offered by Dynamic Therapy Specialists, is a therapeutic camp for struggling learners. This summer day camp offers campers an opportunity to engage in FUN and silly activities while also learning how to organize their bodies for improved focus and attention, learning, and behavior. Campers rotate through a variety of stations designed to facilitate listening comprehension, reading fluency, written expression, social skills, focus and attention, body organization, self-regulation, problem solving, and peer collaboration.
Contact: 225-767-5032,
Location: Baton Rouge



Camp Alsing
Camp Alsing is a premier co-ed residential summer camp for children with High-Functioning Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome or other social communication challenges. Their specially trained staff guide children, ages 9-17, to develop connections and expand their boundaries in a traditional camp setting.
Contact: 207-805-4155
Location: Standish and Portland

Pine Tree Society Camps
Pine Tree Society offers three different summer programs: Pine Tree Camp to You, Pine Tree Camp Adventure Day Pass, and Family Recreation Weekends. In addition, they offer a specialty program, Camp Communicate, which is an innovative retreat designed specifically for non-verbal children who use computerized devices, known as augmentative or alternative communication (AAC), to communicate. Camp Communicate offers kids a unique opportunity to spend time with other augmentative communicators in an accessible summer camp environment. During their stay, they will learn new skills, meet friends, and become more comfortable and confident in their communication abilities.
Contact: 207-386-5990,
Location: Rome



Basic Concepts, LLC Summer Program
Basic Concepts offers a variety of classes for children from preschool through middle school. They utilize numerous therapeutic interventions (sensory, play, music, social, and behavioral) throughout daily activities for maximum achievement. Summer programs are intended for children who have mild to moderate deficits in speech, language, play, sensory, and socialization. Children participate in both small and whole group activities to ensure that their individual goals are met. Speech-language pathologists and special educators provide services during camp.
Contact: 240-447-8013, click here to email
Location: Rockville

Camp Fairlee
Easterseals Camp Fairlee provides recreation and respite for individuals age 6 and up. Camp Fairlee provides a safe and accessible camp experience where campers are challenged to discover their full potential, acquire new skills, and make new and lasting friendships while under the guidance of trained and qualified staff.
Contact: 410-778-0566,
Location: Chestertown

POW Therapeutic Summer Camp
Play on Words (PoW) Therapy offers the POW Therapeutic Summer Camp which consists of language groups led by a certified speech-language pathologist and assistants (college and graduate students studying speech therapy). Groups consist of communication development, language-based activities, play therapy, and brief individual or ​small-group sessions.
Contact: 240-283-7752,
Location: Hyattsville, MD and Washington, DC

Summer Sensations Camp
Summer Sensations is a full-day therapeutic camp carefully designed to support the needs of children with learning differences and sensory processing challenges. Their unique program blends the expertise and knowledge of professionals from different therapeutic backgrounds (speech, occupational, physical, and more) to promote camper success.
Contact: 410-997-8081,
Location: Columbia

The Treatment and Learning Centers (TLC) Summer Programs

TLC offers a variety of summer program options for preschool children, those enrolled in K-12, as well as young adults. Their summer programs provide therapeutic support, compliment the school year curriculum, and develop workplace skills. In addition, they offer summer skills support through outpatient speech-language, occupational therapy, and tutoring programs.
Contact: 301-424-5200 x306,
Location: Rockville



Camp Aspire from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
MGH Aspire’s summer adventure camp is a 6-week program for individuals ages 5-13 with high cognitive autism spectrum disorder or a related profile. Participants have a variety of diagnoses including but not limited to Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), nonverbal learning disorder (NVLD), anxiety disorder, ADHD, or similar cognitive profiles. Campers participate in a rich weekly schedule full of typical camp activities, such as boating, swimming, archery, and art. Participants receive direct instruction and in-the-moment social coaching to support skill building in the areas of self-awareness, stress management, and social competency (MGH Aspire’s “3S” model).
Contact: 781-860-1900,
Location: Westwood

Camp Triumph
Camp Triumph is a specialized summer day program for children and adolescents ages 6-16. Some of the Camp Triumph campers have not had a positive camping experience in a regular day camp, but do not require a camp for children with severe psychological, behavioral, mental, or physical difficulties. While our campers are very diverse, some of them have diagnoses such as ADHD, Executive Functioning Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Non-Verbal Learning Disability, Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder, and Anxiety Disorder. Children who attend Camp Triumph may benefit in the following ways: acquire self-confidence; increase physical skills and coordination; develop better social skills; learn to channel energy constructively; and much more.
Contact: 781-942-9277,
Location: North Reading

Camp Words Unspoken
Youth who have difficulty with speech fluency will join together in the Midwest and New England. Camp Words Unspoken is a fun, interactive, therapeutic learning experience in a positive and friendly recreational environment, specifically designed for youth and teens between the ages of 8-18 who stutter.
Contact: 413-478-9805,
Location: East Otis, MA and Pequot Lakes, MN

The Carroll School offers summer camps for children with language-based learning difficulties and caters to the educational needs of campers – from teaching decoding skills to reinforcing skills learned during the school year to preparing kids for high school. Some program highlights include: Day camp for children with language-based learning difficulties (such as dyslexia) entering Grades 1-9; Skilled Orton-Gillingham trained tutors, teachers, and counselors come from Carroll School and other Boston area schools and colleges; Cognitive Development programs strengthen the underlying skills needed to learn.
Contact: 781-259-8342,
Location: Waltham

The Bridge Center Camp Programs
The Bridge Center offers specialized camps that meet the needs of campers of all abilities including campers with ASD, developmental disabilities, social and emotional disabilities, neuromuscular disabilities, and other disorders, regardless of the severity. They also have an inclusion camp for children with and without disabilities. Offerings include Camp Connect, Camp Discover, Camp Sunshine, Camp Endeavor, and more.
Contact: 508-697-7557,
Location: Bridgewater



Camp ALEC is a week-long summer camp specifically designed for children with physical disabilities whose primary mode of communication is AAC (augmentative and alternative communication). The goal of camp  is to improve AAC Literacy, Education, and Communication (ALEC).
Location: Grand Rapids

Camp Shout Out
Camp Shout Out is a one-of-a-kind program located within a typical, overnight summer camp environment. Camp gathers youth who stutter ages 8-18, board-certified fluency specialists, speech-language pathologists, graduate students, camp staff, and volunteers for approximately one week to grow as communicators. Programming draws upon research supporting the camp experience, therapy, and support for kids and teens who stutter. Guided activities are designed to encourage each participant to grow as a communicator through engagement in positive, motivating, and fun communication experiences.
Contact: 231-744-9260,
Location: Holton

Say & Play Program
This summer program from The Speech Language Learning Center, Inc. provides speech and language therapy and occupational therapy in a small group setting using theme-based activities. Activities target individual goals including language development, articulation, social interactions, fine and gross motor skills, sensory skills, and more.
Contact: 810-733-3911,
Location: Flint



Bridge the Gap Summer Camp
Bridge the Gap Summer Camp offers students of all ages unique opportunities for enrichment, advancement, and fun in academics and essential social and life skills. They provide ample opportunities to explore interests, develop important skills, and become more prepared for the next level of academic challenges or to maintain skills that were gained during the school year.
Contact: 952-737-6900,
Location: Minnetonka

Camp Confidence
Confidence Learning Center, otherwise known as Camp Confidence, is an outdoor center for persons with developmental and cognitive disabilities along with the deaf and hard of hearing communities. The programs at Camp Confidence are aimed at promoting self-confidence and self-esteem, and the necessary skills to become full, contributing members of society. Campers achieve this through active “hands-on” activities and participation in a variety of outdoor experiences. Campers will experience personal growth while participating in educational programs which include archery, cross country skiing, canoeing, and fishing just to mention a few.
Contact: 218-828-2344,
Location: East Gull Lake

Camp Connections
Camp Connections, offered by West Metro Learning Connections, is a unique day camp program for children (ages 5 and up) with autism and related conditions. Camp offers social skills programming combined with goal-directed therapeutic recreation activities for children including fun, theme-centered activities, learning experiences, and field trips. Campers will increase social understanding and social thinking; develop, fine tune, and generalize social skills; build and expand peer interactions and friendship behaviors; facilitate self-awareness, self-management, and self-expression; develop and practice independent and cognitive skills for life-long success; and more.
Contact: 952-474-0227, click here to email
Location: Excelsior

Camp Words Unspoken
Youth who have difficulty with speech fluency will join together in the Midwest and New England. Camp Words Unspoken is a fun, interactive, therapeutic learning experience in a positive and friendly recreational environment, specifically designed for youth and teens between the ages of 8-18 who stutter.
Contact: 413-478-9805,
Location: East Otis, MA and Pequot Lakes, MN

The University of Minnesota Kids Who Stutter
The Sioris Family University of Minnesota offers the Kids Who Stutter summer camp. Because stuttering is a multi-factorial impairment, which affects much more than speech fluency, the focus of camp is on the social, emotional, and attitudinal aspects of stuttering. The goal is for kids to accept themselves as people who stutter who can also be very good communicators.
Contact: 612-624-3322,
Location: Minneapolis



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Summer Camps at Fontbonne
Fontbonne University offers a variety of free summer programs in science, technology, arts, and more. Their GOALS Camps are designed for children to work on current speech, language, pragmatic, and fluency goals through sports, theater, science, and other fun activities.
Contact: 314-889-1407,
Location: St. Louis



Youth Engagement Through Intervention (YETI) Programs
Youth Engagement Through Intervention (YETI) is a social skills intervention framework that uses a variety of evidence-based practices and strategies such as video modeling, social narratives, differential reinforcement, role-plays, and visual schedules. During YETI, children learn social and communication skills such as joining in peer groups, maintaining conversation, and coping with frustrations. Children in the group are provided opportunities to learn new skills, practice the skills in a safe environment, as well try out the skills outside of group (e.g., home or school).
Contact: 406-243-2405,
Location: Missoula



Do you know of a camp or program that should be included? Submit your camp suggestions HERE!



Do you know of a camp or program that should be included? Submit your camp suggestions HERE!



Miracle Farm Speech Therapy offers the RUNAMUCK summer program, which provides therapeutically driven activities designed by SLPs. Fun activities help children with sensory regulation, social skills, language, speech, communication, motor planning, attention, motor skills, and more.
Contact: 603-918-0895,
Location: Hampton Falls

Camp Starfish
Camp Starfish focuses on the needs of each camper and meets them where they are, then help them get where they need to be. Camp teaches children how to interact appropriately in a social group, play cooperatively on a team, and resolve conflicts verbally and peacefully. Campers also work on individual goals, all while being active outdoors, exploring their talents and interests and having fun. When a child has extra needs – either social, emotional, behavioral, or learning related – the challenge of finding just the right place becomes immense. Camp Starfish celebrates each child for being the person they are, while at the same time, giving them space and support to grow their skills and self-esteem.
Contact: 978-637-2617,
Location: Rindge



Activity Connection
Activity Connection, from Children’s Specialized Hospital, provides recreational, sports, and social activities for children, teens, and young adults with diverse abilities. The programs provide opportunities to make new friends, participate in various activities, and enjoy new experiences. All programs are led by Children’s Specialized Hospital’s therapists, certified program instructors, coaches, and trained volunteers who provide age-appropriate and safe activities in an inclusive and fun environment. Programs provide children of all abilities to participate alongside one another to promote acceptance, compassion, self-confidence, and friendship building.
Contact: 908-301-5548,
Location: Union County

Camp Chatterbox
Camp Chatterbox is a one-week overnight camp for children and young adults, ages 5-22, who use synthesized Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices. All campers participate in a range of social, recreational, and educational activities to promote use of their communication systems and interact with other children. Therapy activities are led by licensed and ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologists, special education teachers, recreational therapists, and other qualified professionals. Activities facilitate AAC device use throughout the day, and help build expressive language and critical thinking skills in a fun and functional environment. In addition, recreational activities include swimming, nature exploration, art, and sports. Each evening, campers, siblings, parents, and staff gather for activities such as campfires, dances, and a camp talent show.
Contact: 908-301-5548,
Location: Ocean Township

Camp PAL
Camp PAL is a summer camp for children with learning differences. Camp PAL offers the perfect mix of summertime camp fun and therapeutic intervention. At Camp PAL, children participate in innovative, creative, and fun therapeutic groups run by the knowledgeable team of therapists at Creative Speech Solutions, LLC. Groups are small and carefully constructed to both challenge and nurture the children, while promoting friendships, self-confidence, and a strong sense of community.
Contact: 908-598-0228,
Location: Chatham

Open Hearts/Open Doors
The JCC Camps at Medford special needs inclusion camp program, Open Hearts/Open Doors (OH/OD), provides accommodations that enable children with disabilities to fully participate with age-appropriate peers at camp. Campers in the OH/OD program span a variety of intellectual and developmental disabilities including Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and communication impairments.
Contact: 856-751-1666,
Location: Medford



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Apraxia Camp for Me
This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
A* Camp for Me is a one-week, half-day program for children ages 4-10 with a diagnosis of childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) or similar speech disorder, and is conducted by ASHA certified SLPs. At A* Camp for Me, children learn new strategies to help produce clearer speech, improve secondary features of CAS, and meet other children who face some of the same challenges as them.
Contact: 914-447-7160,
Location: Tuckahoe

C.A.M.P. Program
Communicate, Articulate, Make Friends, and Play at the Speech Language Pathology in Motion C.A.M.P. Program, a weeklong speech and language enrichment program. The goal of the program is to help children practice critical speech and language skills with peers, while also participating in a positive summer experience. Individualized goals are targeted throughout the week, providing hundreds of opportunities for practice across activities. There is a strong focus on peer interactions and pragmatic language skills built into the program. Activities include equine movement, creative arts, group lunch/playground, language games, and swimming.
Contact: 631-479-3393, click here to email
Location: Islandia

Camp Speech Zone
Camp Speech Zone is a small-group ratio program run by speech therapists and occupational therapists for children who struggle in any of the speech-language, social, and/or occupational therapy domains. Throughout the day, therapists weave in opportunities for socialization, improved articulation, vocabulary development, language expansion, lengthening sentences, fine motor development, sensory input, and more.
Contact: 212-799-1750,
Location: New York City

CommuniCamp & CommuniClub
The Mysak Clinic for Communication Disorders (from Teachers College, Columbia University) offers CommuniCamp each summer. CommuniCamp is a mini-camp for children between the ages of 6 and 16 who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). The Mysak Clinic also offers CommuniClub for children ages 3-8 who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and their families.
Contact: 212-678-3000, click here to email
Location: New York City

Theraplay offers various classes, groups, and programs throughout the year. My Playful Mind is the summer camp program for children ages 4-6. Through the use of movement, creative arts, and sensory motor experiences, children will develop age appropriate gross motor, fine motor, language, and sensory integration skills. The goal is for children to meet their age appropriate milestones and prepare them for pre-kindergarten and beyond. The program places a special emphasis on social skills and peer interactions.
Contact: 212-288-1450,
Location: New York City



Emerge Pediatric Therapy
Emerge Pediatric Therapy offers Therapeutic Group Programs, which are an opportunity for children to receive an intensive therapy experience in a small group setting. These programs are designed to help children become more successful in meeting the demands and expectations of everyday life. This is done through playful engagement in success-oriented activities in a setting that offers natural opportunities for engagement.
Contact: 919-928-0204,
Location: Cary and Durham

Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic Programs
The Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic from East Carolina University provides a wide variety of programs for fluency, stuttering, language disorders, reading/writing disorders, and more. Their specialty groups include Summer Camps.
Contact: 252-744-6104, click here to email
Location: Greenville

Summer Speech and Language Camp
SLPs work on developing your child’s skills in the following key areas: literacy, sensory issues, vocabulary, articulation, memory, and so much more.
Contact: 704-845-0561, click here to email
Location: Huntersville

Talisman Summer Camps
Talisman Camps offers a wide variety of summer camp opportunities for young people ages 6-22 with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, and other learning differences. Programs offer both outdoor adventure curriculum as well as traditional camp experiences (plays, s’mores, and campfire songs, to name a few). Camp provides leadership opportunities, social skill-building, and enhance personal accountability while fostering increased independence and self-esteem.
Contact: 828-697-6313,
Location: Zirconia

The Speech Garden Summer Camp
Camp has a structured schedule that combines language development with literacy, music, science, movement, and fun! Weekly themes such as farming, transportation, bugs, jungles, or oceans are integrated into all daily activities. The theme is carried throughout all elements of the daily schedule including literacy, snack, centers, music, language development, and outside play. Accommodations such as visual cues and graphic organizers help children better understand information in order to participate in the curriculum.
Location: Charlotte



Annie’s House Programs
Annie’s House is a state-of-the-art facility and provides an array of life-changing opportunities for individuals and veterans with disabilities. Through development of new opportunities along with collaboration and expansion of presently available programs, the goal is to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities. Recreation and leisure activities provide opportunities that are inclusive to families and friends, empower participants in their daily lives, and have a positive lasting effect on confidence, personal fitness, independence, and overall well-being.
Contact: 701-263-4556,
Location: Bottineau, Jamestown, Bismarck, Devils Lake, Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot, and Moorhead

Elks Camp Grassick
Elks Camp Grassick is a summer camp for children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. Camp provides therapies such as reading intervention, speech and language, and occupational therapy along with recreation, crafts, and waterfront activities. Camp’s mission is to provide a summer camp experience where children and adults can learn, grow, and build friendships while fostering independence in a supportive and accepting environment.​
Contact: 701-327-4251,
Location: Dawson



Easterseals Northern Ohio Summer Programs
Easterseals supports opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to experience summer camp settings specifically designed to accommodate their individual needs. They host several summer day camps throughout northern Ohio allowing campers to meet new friends, develop new skills, and have fun.
Contact: 440-838-0990, click here to email
Location: Broadview Heights

Flourish Summer Group Programs
Flourish Integrated Therapy, LLC offers a variety of targeted summer programs are offered for children with speech and language needs. Sessions are run by SLPs and occupational therapists. Groups include but are not limited to Scribe & Say, Move & Groove, Social Detectives, Bookworm Buddies, and more.
Contact: 614-545-8300,
Location: Columbus

Great Expressions Speech Camp
Great Expressions Speech Camp offers language-based activities that promote communication interactions. Activities include language concepts, vocabulary development, social skills, developmental language skills, use of AAC, and speech sound development. All classes are led by a team of SLPs.
Contact: 740-965-9284,
Location: Sunbury

LLA Therapy Summer Programs
Group programs from LLA Therapy are supportive, safe, groups that build upon communication, social, fine motor, gross motor, and behavior skills learned in therapy with peers. LLA therapists collaborate to provide personalized care. The Stars and Stripes summer program is designed to target IEP goals in a fun and engaging school-based environment. Stars and Stripes provides specialized academic support in addition to behavioral, music, occupational, physical, and speech therapies under one roof.
Contact: 330-867-2240,
Location: Copely, Medina, Brunswick, Barberton

SMILE Summer Camp
SMILE Summer Camp™ is a therapeutic day camp led by a speech-language therapist and hosted by Peak Potential Therapy. Campers engage in structured learning activities in addition to daily field trips to generalize skills while focusing on social skills, communication, and emotional regulation. This therapeutic program was developed specifically for children with disabilities to provide them with a fun and interactive way to develop social skills, participate in the activities that typical kids take for granted, and work on their IEP goals. Every day will be fun-filled with intensive speech-language therapy focused on your child’s goals while being engaged in an outing in the community. Siblings and friends are also invited to attend.
Contact: 330-405-8776,
Location: Northfield

Summer Speech Camp at MEEC (Middleburg Early Education Center)
This program delivers developmentally and individually appropriate activities for children who are 18 months to 6 years of age, with a variety of speech-language, social/emotional, behavioral, and developmental needs. This camp program will provide children with supplemental social experiences, which are designed to encourage play skills such as initiating, creative play, choosing independent play activities, completing chosen activities, and encouraging use of communication.
Contact: 440-888-9922,
Location: Middleburg Heights

Thrive Summer Camp
Children of all ages and abilities are welcome at the inclusive, therapist-led Thrive Summer Camp. Fun weekly themes, regular field trips, and special guests keep kids engaged & offer many opportunities to play, move, explore, create, and connect. Campers with special needs have the benefit of therapist supervision and involvement, promoting greater generalization of therapy goals like improved communication, independence, and social skills.
Contact: 330-748-4807,
Location: Brecksville



Articulation Bootcamp & Language Lab
The University of Tulsa Speech & Hearing Clinic offer two summer speech programs. Articulation Bootcamp is an intensive group therapy focused on improving articulation and phonological disorders. This 8-week camp will incorporate movement, games, drills and fun. Language Lab is an intensive group therapy focused on providing a high language and literacy environment to encourage language learning. It is aimed at children ages 2 to 4 who have a language delay.
Contact: 918-631-2000,
Location: Tulsa

Camp Communicate
This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
Speech/Apraxia Camp is an intensive camp focused on targeting motor speech planning to improve speech sound production and speech intelligibility. While this camp may be offered for up to 6 weeks each summer, campers may attend as many weeks as they would like (with a minimum requirement of 2 weeks enrollment). The camp typically runs for three hours each day M-F and will be individualized to what each child needs. Campers will participate in individual, small group, and large group sessions to improve speech intelligibility for functional phrases and improve social interactions. Group parent/caregiver training and question/answer sessions will also be provided for carryover of skills within the home program or coordination of services with the child’s private therapists. Camp generally has a one to one ratio of adults to children. Staff includes Speech-Language Pathologists, Speech-Language Pathology assistants, graduate student interns, and undergraduate student volunteers. Children generally make marked progress during this intense camp, and past data has shown that the primary change has been that speech therapy and home programs are more effective throughout the coming year after this intensive intervention and training.
Contact: 405-256-8248,
Location: Oklahoma City



Camp Meadowood Springs
Camp Meadowood Springs is a summer camp for children with communication disorders and related learning differences. Camp is best for campers with communication and/or social learning challenges. It is open to children who have a diagnosis that affects communication, speech, and/or social learning; have received or currently receive speech therapy and/or social skills training and would benefit from carry over support; are a sibling or friend of a camper with a speech/language need.
Contact: 541-276-2752,
Location: Weston

Camp More
Camp More is a place for kids and teens who stutter, ages 8-18, to come as they are and do more: Build more friendships and community, gain more self-confidence and communication skills, and be more empowered-all while being in a safe, supportive, and fun environment with other kids and teens who stutter for 3 life changing days. At Camp More, campers have access to a wide array of activities. While our focus remains on increasing confidence, friendships, and communication, we do so while offering rich and exciting summer camp programming.
Contact: 503-505-3577,
Location: St. Paul

Camp Yakety Yak
Camp Yakety Yak (CYY) is nonprofit whose mission is to help children with special needs (e.g., Autism, ADHD, Intellectual Disability) grow socially and emotionally by improving their communication skills. The camp’s educational mission is two-fold: provide instruction in social & emotional skills to children with special needs & their siblings to support friendship development in a day camp setting; and provide an opportunity for future professionals in educational and therapeutic fields to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in working with children with special needs. Camp programming is provided by a multi-disciplinary team of professional supervisors and consultants from general & special education, speech pathology, occupational therapy, behavior analysis, counseling, and nursing.
Contact: 971-303-3901,
Location: Lake Oswego



Camp Lee Mar
Camp Lee Mar offers unique summer programs for kids with special needs with a full curriculum incorporating a strong Academic and Speech program with traditional camp activities. Campers flourish at Camp Lee Mar due to the structured environment, which allows campers to feel comfortable and secure. Some of our campers may be in a mainstream school during the year while working on social skills and life skills at our special needs camp. Careful study is made of parent input, school IEPs, camper interviews, etc., so that the interests and needs of each child can best be determined for suitable grouping prior to the camper arriving.
Contact: 570-685-7188,
Location: Lackawaxen

Camp Pennwood
The Arc of York County’s Camp Pennwood provides a wide range of summer camp activities, such as swimming, arts and crafts, music, sports, and games to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities meet the challenges and opportunities that each of us encounter throughout our lives. Camp Pennwood offers a highly structured summer camp program for children with disabilities. It provides valuable opportunities for integration and inclusion through participation in activities with persons of all abilities. Camp Pennwood provides age-appropriate programs for children and teens, emphasizing personal, socialization, and recreational skills that can be carried over into daily lives; provides maximum physical and mental stimulation during the summer months, thereby minimizing regression in skills; and offers a variety of camp components each session, including indoor and outdoor recreation, self-care instruction, arts and crafts, and music.
Contact: 717-846-6589,
Location: York

Camp Sequoia
Camp Sequoia is designed for campers who do not need the level of support offered at special needs overnight camps, yet need a different experience than a traditional overnight camp can offer. 2:5 staffing ratio allows campers to have fun and grow in a safe and supportive camp experience. Camp Sequoia offers overnight summer camp programs for boys ages 7-17. These programs are divided into five age-based divisions designed to help young men develop friendships, confidence, and character.
Contact: 610-771-0111,
Location: Pennsburg

This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
CASTLE Camp is run through Temple University’s Speech, Language, and Brain Laboratory (SLAB lab). Research in the SLAB lab focuses on speech and language comprehension and production across the lifespan, both in unimpaired individuals and in various populations with developmental or acquired speech and/or language disorders, such as aphasia, apraxia of speech, and phonological disorders.
Contact: 215-204-1148,
Location: Philadelphia

Hope Springs Equestrian Therapy
Hope Springs offers a variety of therapeutic equestrian programs including 1:1 riding sessions, horse camps, sibling programs, special education programs, and more. The benefits of equestrian therapy include increased strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, self-confidence, and communication skills.
Contact: 610-827-0931,
Location: Chester Springs

The Woodlands
The Woodlands signature programs, expert staff, and adapted facilities are all designed to enrich the quality of life for individuals and families navigating the journey of disability and chronic illness. The barrier-free environment encourages everyone, of every ability and disability, to safely explore what’s possible and discover new levels of independence. Hands-on experiences guided by caring staff help to reinforce social, cultural, environmental, recreational, and spiritual growth. Participation is encouraged at every level, and celebrated in a welcoming and approachable group setting such as camps, retreats, clubs, and events.
Contact: 724-935-5470,
Location: Wexford

Thorne Language Enrichment Summer Camp
The Thorne Language Enrichment Summer Camp is designed for children 3-5 years old, who qualify for speech therapy, but are looking for a camp experience, which embeds the therapy into a fun, multi-sensory camp curriculum.
Contact: 610-526-7633,
Location: Bryn Mawr

VFES @ Camp Kweebec
Summer Matters, a program of Valley Forge Educational Services (VFES), offers summer programs that are designed especially to support students, ages 7–21, with high functioning autism, speech-language disorders, developmental disabilities, learning differences, or social-emotional challenges. Specialized recreation offers low participant-to-staff ratio, experienced staff, ongoing behavior support, structured daily programming, engaging, multisensory activities, and real-world learning. This program is held at Camp Kweebec.
Location: Schwenksville



Camp WANNAGOAGAIN provides a safe, supported, and fun camp experience for children, teens, and young adults with ASD and related social-emotional or communication challenges. The camp program is designed to provide opportunities for real-life experiences, an environment to learn new leisure skills, and the chance to meet new friends in a structured environment with experienced staff.
Camp provides the following supports for its campers across activities: Visual supports that enhance comprehension and prediction of expectations; Sensory-based activities that enhance a camper’s ability to take advantage of language and communication opportunities; Relaxation techniques that enhance self-regulation; Daily living routines incorporated into camp activities as appropriate; and more.
: 401-785-2666,
Location: West Kingston



Camp Spearhead
Camp Spearhead offers camp sessions in the summer and two different seasons of The Weekend Program throughout the school year. The camp facility was specifically designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of campers. Children and adults with special needs ages 8 and older (no upper age limit). Activities include canoeing, kayaking, giant swing, zip line, high ropes course, alpine tower, nature activities, archery, swimming, basketball, gem mining, crafts, group games, yoga, and much more.
Contact: 864-467-3398,
Location: Marietta



LifeScape Camps
LifeScape offers skill-building, therapy-based summer camps. These sessions with experienced pediatric therapists are a different, fun way to meet therapy goals, usually in a group setting. Summer day camps provide skill-building fun in areas such as speech and language, social skills, sensory processing, handwriting, and more.

Contact: 605-444-9500,

Location: Rapid City and Sioux Falls



Language Camp
Hosted by West Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center, Language Camp is for all children age 4-9 experiencing speech/language disorder. Each group will be accompanied by a certified SLP.
Contact: 731-668-6076,
Location: Jackson

Volunteer Your Voice Summer Program
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center Volunteer Your Voice Summer Program is a one-week camp for children ages 8-15 diagnosed with communication disorders. Camp includes assessment, individual/ group treatment, and a personalized home program combined with adventures of a true summer camp experience.
Contact: 865-974-4641,
Location: Knoxville



Apraxia Dallas Summer Camps and Groups
This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
Apraxia Dallas offers Intensive Therapy Programs individualized for each child’s needs. These programs are for children with communication disorders (including but not limited to CAS, phonological processing, and articulation), ages pre-K through middle school. Groups will be composed of 3-5 children and led by 1-2 speech-language pathologists. The focus will be on interacting with peers both verbally and non-verbally, plus learning social-emotional strategies. Pre-verbal children are welcome!
Contact: 214-384-7198,
Location: Dallas

Camp Acorn
Camp Acorn, offered by The Parish School, enhances language, social, motor, and academic development in a literature-rich, multi-sensory environment for children from 2-12 years old. Camp focuses on children who have communication delays and learning differences and average to above average learning potential.
Contact: 713-467-4696,
Location: Houston

Camp Interact
Camp Interact is a therapeutic day camp for children finishing 1st grade to 5th grades with social difficulties. Children may have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder/Asperger’s, ADHD, nonverbal learning disorder, and/or mild language impairments. Callier Center for Communication Disorders hosts Camp Interact, SLICK (Summer Language Intervention camp for Kids), Speech and ARtiCulation (SPARC_ Group, and more.
Contact: 972-883-3630,
Location: Dallas and Richardson

Capitol School of Austin (CSA) Summer Camps
CSA offers a fun and enriching summer learning experience in a supportive and compassionate environment for children identified as having speech, language, and/or learning differences. Each camp group is led by a speech-language pathologist or a special educator, using a group therapy-based, multi-sensory approach.
Contact: 512-467-7006,
Location: Austin

Cougar Communication Groups 
University of Houston’s Speech-Language Clinic offers a variety of services, programs, and groups. The Cougar Communication Groups are affordable and intensive summer therapy groups for children ages 18 months and up. They are designed to improve speech and language skills and maintain progress made during the school year. The summer program features fun activities in small groups with a ratio of 1 clinician to 2 children. Various groups are available to focus on: language, articulation/ phonology, social, fluency, and voice skills. These groups are especially appropriate for children who do not receive public school services during the summer.
Contact: 713-743-0915,
Location: Houston

Kaufman-Apraxia Boot Camp
This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
Hosted by The Carruth Center at The Parish School, Kaufman-Apraxia Boot Camp (K-ABC) is a speech-language based group therapy program designed to increase speech formulation, automaticity, language content, and structure for children (up to age 6) who have apraxia of speech or phonological processing disorder. These children benefit greatly from frequent and intensive speech-language therapy.
Contact: 713-935-9088,
Location: Houston

KidSpeak Dallas Summer Programs
KidsSpeak Dallas offers a wide variety of summer programming for children. The Articulation is Fun Group is for children that have difficulty with one or more sounds, is classroom-based, and focuses on difficult sounds through circle time, play, games, art, and more. Additional group offerings include Reading and Writing Camp, Executive Functioning Camp, Teen Groups, and more. All groups focus on the individualized skills of each child and the group as a whole: language (expressive and receptive skills), social communication, emotional regulation, sensory needs, play, social play, executive functioning, and more.
Contact: 214-636-0871,
Location: Dallas

Project T.A.L.K
Texas Hearing Institute created Project T.A.L.K. to enable children with hearing loss to achieve the following goals: Make friends while you increase your social and conversational skills, hang out with cool kids who have hearing loss just like you, and sharpen your listening skills while you’re having a blast with exciting activities. This year’s theme is health so campers will learn about ways to boost physical and emotional health through fun activities like relay races, reading, photography, obstacle courses, games, crafts, scavenger hunts, and more.
Contact: 713-523-3633, click here to email
Location: Houston

Summer Therapy Programs
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Speech-Language Clinic offers three summer therapy programs. Matador Munchers is a feeding group that provides opportunities for positive food exploration and learning to children with feeding aversion and/or oral-motor feeding difficulties. Tech Tykes is filled with opportunities for young children to boost their speech and language skills. Ready to Learn is designed to facilitate language and literacy skills in school-age children. Designed for students with difficulties in oral language, auditory processing, problem solving, reading and/or writing, this camp offers opportunities for students to learn new skills and strategies in fun, thematic-based activities.
Contact: 806-743-5678
Location: Lubbock



Camp Kostopulos
Camp K’s mission is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities through recreation, education, and growth experiences. Services are available to people of all abilities, levels of income, and place of residence. Year-round programs are evidence-based, and designed by recreational therapists to foster independence by increasing self-esteem, confidence, physical fitness, communication skills, relationships, and other life and social skills. Day Camps will be available to children, teens, and adults starting with age 7. Siblings, cousins, neighbors, and friends are welcome!
Contact: 801-582-0700,
Location: Salt Lake City



Camp Compass
Stern Center for Language and Learning hosts Camp Compass. Camp Compass includes activity-based experiences to promote social learning, appropriate for children ages 6-12. It brings together explicit approaches to social learning based on Social Thinking® and Activities, Games, and Lessons for Social Learning. Your child will experience concrete, visually-based strategies to help promote social success. Learning is facilitated through hands-on, theme-based, dynamic experiences and activities. Camp Compass capitalizes on students’ strengths and offers a positive and supportive environment designed to maximize their social potential.
Contact: 802-878-2332,
Location: Williston



Apraxia U.
This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
University of Virginia hosts Apraxia U, a summer camp for children ages 4-8 with childhood apraxia of speech. Intervention aims to help kids learn or carry out the complex sequenced movements that are necessary for intelligible speech.
Contact: 434-924-7034,
Location: Charlottesville

Building Blocks Therapy Summer Programs
Summer programs have licensed and registered occupational therapists and speech language pathologists running the program, which allows for emphasis on social skills while supporting children’s language, fine motor, and sensory motor development. Splish S.P.L.O.S.H.  (Speech, Play, Language, Occupational Therapy, Social Skills, and Having Fun) is one of the speech-focused summer offerings.
Contact: 202-363-8255,
Location: Washington, DC and Falls Church, VA

Speech of Cake Summer Enrichment Program
The team at Speech of Cake, Inc. use a collaborative approach to address articulation, expressive language, receptive language, executive functioning, social skills, and literacy to educate and engage young minds during a summer enrichment program. Differentiated academic enrichment includes pronunciation, expressive and receptive language, reading, writing, and spelling instruction.
Location: Alexandria

Stuttering U.
University of Virginia hosts Stuttering U, a summer camp for children ages 8-12 who stutter. Fluency intervention aims to reduce tension while speaking, overcome anxiety and avoidance of certain speaking situations, develop an understanding and awareness of stuttering, and discover individualized tools and strategies to facilitate fluent speech.
Contact: 434-924-7034,
Location: Charlottesville



Camp Candoo
This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
Camp Candoo is an intensive speech therapy and early literacy summer camp for children ages 5-10 with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) or other severe speech disorders held at the WSU Health Sciences Spokane campus. Washington State University and Eastern Washington University work collaboratively to offer excellent research-based clinical teaching and training throughout this nine-day camp. Therapy will be provided by graduate level clinicians who are supervised a certified speech-language pathologist and an expert in the field of childhood motor speech disorders.
Contact: 509-828-1324,
Location: Spokane

Camp Stand By Me
Easterseals Camp Stand By Me is an inclusive, barrier-free environment for children and adults with disabilities to experience all the joys of camp without limitations. With low staff to camper ratios and an on-site registered nurse, camp can serve children and adults of any ability level. Camp Stand By Me offers all of the activities of a traditional summer camp in a safe, accessible environment. Activities include boating, campfires, fishing, swimming, arts and crafts, outdoor education, archery, and more.
Contact: 253-884-2722,
Location: Vaughn



Building Blocks Therapy Summer Programs
Summer programs like Splish S.P.L.O.S.H. (Speech, Play, Language, Occupational Therapy, Social Skills, and Having Fun) have licensed and registered occupational therapists and speech language pathologists running the program, which allows for emphasis on social skills while supporting children’s language, fine motor, and sensory motor development.
Contact: 202-363-8255,
Location: Washington, DC and Falls Church, VA

This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
The Childhood Apraxia and Motor Planning™ Camp, known as CHAMP Camp, provides intensive speech therapy to children, and is hosted by the GW Speech and Hearing Center. CHAMP Camp brings children and their parents to individual and group therapy sessions with engaging activities. Each participant works with a clinician to ensure continuity of care and one-on-one support throughout the camp. A trademark of CHAMP is the highly individualized nature of the therapy experience. One treatment approach does not meet the needs of every child. Based on pre-camp information gathering and an initial assessment, a treatment protocol is developed to address your child’s speech and language needs. Regardless of the approach, therapy will incorporate the Principles of Motor Learning, and the CHAMP team will factor in the learning style of your child to identify an appropriate cueing and support hierarchy (i.e., tactile, visual or temporal cues). Goals focus on functional communication in the context of play or academic based activities, and incorporate language and social skills as needed.
Contact: 202-994-7362,
Location: Washington, DC

POW Therapeutic Summer Camp
Play on Words (PoW) Therapy offers the POW Therapeutic Summer Camp which consists of language groups led by a certified speech-language pathologist and assistants (college and graduate students studying speech therapy). Groups consist of communication development, language-based activities, play therapy, and brief individual or ​small-group sessions.
Contact: 240-283-7752,
Location: Washington, DC and Hyattsville, MD



Wood County Society Summer Speech Program
This camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).
The Summer Speech Program, offered by Wood County Society, builds upon the success the child has learned and enables the child to grow and add new skills by utilizing enhanced interventions. This program is available to any student referred from their school in the Wood County school district and offered at no charge. Speech therapy is offered for children who may have apraxia of speech and/or sensory integration disorders and a speech/language delay.
Contact: 304-428-4280,
Location: Parkersburg



Chatter Matters Camp
Variety Children’s Charity of Wisconsin and University of Wisconsin Whitewater, brings together graduate speech pathology students and other student volunteers and instructors to host this overnight camp for children with special needs who use assistive communication devices and their immediate family members. This camp is available to children ages 5-15 who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication and their families. What makes Chatter Matters unique is that it’s just like a traditional summer camp, but the activities are fully adapted for AAC users. Through activities like arts & crafts, adaptive sports, games, campfires, and music, children learn to improve their communication device use. By allowing parents and siblings to attend, families have fun, create lasting family memories and bond with other families of children with special needs.
Contact: 262-777-2090,
Location: Whitewater



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