Making decisions about the best schooling choices for your family can be overwhelming. In this track you will find topics like schooling options, homeschooling, special education, work/school/home life balance, and incorporating speech into your schooling at home.


Apraxia Kids does not endorse any one method, program, organization, service, or approach. Rather, we share information so families & professionals can make informed choices for children with CAS as they work to find their voices.

Tips From a Mom’s Homeschooling Experience

Presented by: Amy Green

Listen to a parent talk about her journey from public school to homeschooling including what to know when choosing homeschool curriculums for math, reading, and handwriting. She also discusses how to set up a schedule and overcoming challenges.

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Homeschooling Guide

The decision to homeschool your child is often a difficult one.  Everybody’s needs, abilities, and goals are different and schooling is very different from state to state, district to district, and even family to family! We’ve compiled this guide to help you navigate your schooling options and provide you with some basic tips, information, and resources.

Homeschooling Guide
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Homeschooling Resources

Once you decide to homeschool, navigating information to find the right supports and resources can be tough! We’ve compiled this extensive list of homeschooling resources to help you find associations in your state, support groups, legal resources, curriculum ideas, and more!

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