Apraxia Awareness

Raise awareness of childhood apraxia of speech in your community! Whether it is during Apraxia Awareness Month in May, or year-round, there are many opportunities to inform others of CAS!

Apraxia Kids envisions a world where every child with apraxia of speech reaches their highest communication potential through accurate diagnosis and appropriate timely treatment. We believe that every child deserves a voice.

However, we know that the first time many people hear “childhood apraxia of speech,” is when their child is receiving the diagnosis. Raising awareness means that upon receiving a diagnosis, a parent is aware of what that means, and the speech therapist is aware of how best to support the child and the family.

“The more people that know and understand Apraxia, the more support children and families will have. Early intervention is crucial. A team supporting a child with Apraxia is crucial. I’ve learned along the way, we don’t know what we don’t know. Let’s help people know about Apraxia!”

How can YOU raise awareness?

You can make a difference in the lives of children with apraxia of speech by raising awareness in your community! Below are some ideas to share your story!

  • Oftentimes parents present information on their child’s diagnosis to classmates and teachers! Schedule a time with your child’s teacher to go into the classroom either at the beginning of the school year or during Apraxia Awareness Month!
  • One parent’s school created a wall of stars where every member of the school including teachers, cafeteria staff, and support staff signed their name in recognition of a student that had apraxia. We love this idea!
  • Request of to 5 of our brand new brochures FOR FREE.  One of our new print materials explains how teachers can give a special introduction to CAS to their students.
  • Check out our Information Downloads to print out letters to teachers and coaches!
  • Print out our coloring pages to get the students involved! Coloring Page One | Coloring Page Two | Coloring Page Three
  • Encourage your coworkers to show their support to children with apraxia of speech!
  • Employee Matching Gifts are donations an employer makes to match its employee’s charitable contributions. You can give your employer and coworkers information about making an ongoing matched gift to Apraxia Kids, to help strengthen the support systems in the lives of children with apraxia of speech.
  • One parent organized a “jeans day” where coworkers could wear jeans in exchange for a small donation to Apraxia Kids! During Apraxia Awareness Month, workplaces around the country wear blue to celebrate children with apraxia of speech!
  • Order free brochures from our print store to pass out to your coworkers, and contact your employer to organize a workplace event!
  • Plan an awareness event or organized a community fundraiser!  Be the Voice in your community.  Please click here to register your event with us so we can support your event!
  • Download our Apraxia Awareness Month post cards to distribute to community members!
  • Every child deserves a voice, and your stories help give a voice to families affected by childhood apraxia of speech. The easiest way that you can inform others of childhood apraxia of speech is to post about it on social media! Share YOUR story of how CAS has affected your life! Make sure you tag us using #ApraxiaAwareness so that we can read your story!
  • Want to share your story around the world? If you are an apraxia blogger, advocate, or just someone with a story to tell, we need you! You can be featured on our parent blog!

Apraxia Awareness Month



What are some ways you can help make local change in your community?

    • Write a “letter to the editor” to your local paper about Apraxia Awareness Month. We’ve created a sample letter to the editor for you to use and adapt!
    • Additional information about Apraxia Kids is available on our website at the Media Room.


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Families of children with apraxia of speech continue to face a world where most people they encounter have never heard of CAS. Your donation helps to create a world where apraxia is not only well-known, but recognized and treated appropriately.