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States, counties and cities often issue “proclamations” to designate May 14th as Apraxia Awareness Day.  Currently about 40 states have volunteers working to obtain proclamations.  Click here for more information about getting a proclamation in your area!




  • Write a “letter to the editor” to your local paper about Apraxia Awareness Month.  We’ve created a sample letter to the editor for you to adapt as you see fit.
  • Additional information about Apraxia Kids is available on our website at the Media Room.








  • Our online store is the ONLY place to shop online where the proceeds of your purchase benefit children with apraxia of speech.  Raise awareness by showing off your Apraxia Kids swag.  Make sure we can see and amplify your awareness efforts by using #apraxiaawareness #apraxiakids





Every child deserves a voice, and your stories help give a voice to families affected by childhood apraxia of speech. For this year’s Apraxia Awareness Month, we want to share your stories with the world. If you are an apraxia blogger, advocate, or just someone with a story to tell, we need you!

Please submit stories between 500-1000 words via email to You may include a photo of your child, and provide any information about yourself, your blog, or your website separately – please do not include links in your story. Selected stories will be posted on our website and featured on our social media during the month of May.




Parents or teachers can read the book I Want To Be Your Friend or keep an eye out for our upcoming brochure about classmates and friends of children with apraxia

Social Media



  • Join our awareness community for ideas and to share your awareness efforts!
  • Share your story on social media using #apraxiakids and #apraxiaawareness to help spread the word!
  • Change your cover image to our official Apraxia Awareness Month banner!