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Our vision at Apraxia Kids is a world where every child with apraxia of speech reaches their highest communication potential. It takes a team effort of families, professionals, and supporters to reach that goal. With the generous support of our cause partners, we will be able to continue to serve more families within the apraxia community. Click the logo of each partner to learn more about how they are making an impact on our apraxia community.

Alert Me bands believe that we need to take responsibility for our own safety and the safety of our children, and do everything we can to be prepared in an emergency situation.  We want to make this effort easier on First Responders, bystanders, classmates or anyone who might find a child who has been separated from their loved ones.  Alert Me Bands only require that it is worn in a visible manner, meaning secure it on top of a long sleeve shirt or coat when your wrist is covered by clothing.  There are no subscriptions or smartphones needed, and no future purchases to make the Alert Me Band effective in an emergency.  Just wear it so it is visible and it will communicate who to call when you can’t.

Program Dates: Available now until August 15, 2024
Product or Program: Emergency Alert Me bands
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