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I can’t login to my participant center.

If you need to retrieve your username and/or reset your password, click here.

Be on the lookout for the password reset email that will come from info@apraxia-kids.org

The email will contain your username and a link for you to create a new password. If you don’t receive an email, see question below.

If all else fails – please contact our support team at apraxiawalk@apraxia-kids.org and they can help get you logged into your account.

I never received my login information/password reset.

Depending on your email server, your login information can be sent to spam or to a category tab.

Here are a few tips to help locate or increase deliverability of your password reset:

If you are still not receiving your login information/password reset email, your email address is most likely linked to multiple accounts which creates confusion in the system and can result in an undelivered email. Please reach out to our staff at apraxiawalk@apraxia-kids.org for help managing your account.

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