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Volunteer Outreach Coordinator (1)

Volunteer Outreach Coordinator


Apraxia Kids is seeking individuals who have a commitment and understanding of childhood apraxia of speech to serve in a Volunteer role working together to make a larger impact across the communities we serve.

Program Vision

Our Volunteer Outreach Coordinators will provide localized support to enable parents and professionals in all geographic areas across the United States, including remote and underserved areas, access to appropriate, and dependable resources.  They will work collectively with local volunteers and professionals to ensure every child with apraxia is afforded their best opportunity to develop optimal communication skills.

Volunteer Outreach Coordinators will partner with Apraxia Kids to create a system of localized resources, educational support, and training opportunities for parents and professionals.  They will create direct affiliation and communication between regional resources and the National office all while developing relationships throughout the apraxia community.


Our timeline for this program is outlined below:

Applications Open                                                                                                           May 8, 2018

Application Deadline                                                                                                      August 10, 2018

Volunteer Outreach Coordinator Selection Announcement                                           September 14, 2018

Training in Pittsburgh                                                                                                    December 7-9, 2018

(All travel expense covered by Apraxia Kids)



If you should have any questions or would like additional information, check out our FAQs or contact us at