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Are you the parent of a child who is newly diagnosed with, or suspected of having, childhood apraxia of speech (CAS)?  Are you a speech pathologist who recently started working with a child with CAS?  These sessions are designed for you to learn the basics of therapy for a child with motor planning challenges, including principles of motor learning from expert clinicians. You will also learn more about the resources available on the Apraxia Kids website from a parent who is on her journey with her son with CAS.

Principles of Motor Learning and Childhood Apraxia of Speech:
A (hopefully) Gentle Introduction

Presented by: Dr. Edwin Maas

This introductory presentation by an expert researcher will explain important concepts in motor learning and some principles that may enhance speech outcomes for children with CAS. An understanding of these concepts and principles may help parents better understand the choices and procedures implemented by their child’s SLP.

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Additional Resources

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Connecting Parents to Apraxia Kids

Recorded on July 9, 2020

Presented by: Amy Salera

Are you new to Apraxia Kids? New to the CAS diagnosis? Join Amy Salera who has been on her Apraxia Journey for several years as she explores with you the Apraxia Kids website including tools, resources, information, and updates available to parents and professionals.

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