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Business Name: Therapies of the Rockies

274 Union Blvd. Suite 103
Lakewood, Colorado80228

Phone Number: (720) 583-6348

Email Address:


Describe treatment approach used: Initial sessions are spent on stimulability and completing assessment for dynamic understanding of speech repertoire and production abilities; determine course of treatment, i.e. repetitive practice through Kaufman cards vs creating core word list to utilize with Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing approach. I strive to maintain ongoing assessment for ensuring best practice and best approach is being applied by challenging client with approach to best suit their skills, using a combination of approaches as seen fit.

Describe parent/caregiver involvement: From the beginning, parents are encouraged to support communication carry-over through using practice and recommended strategies at home. Parents are involved/responsible for creating a functional, relevant core word list for therapy.

Describe your past and current involvement in the Apraxia community​?​ I am currently working with children who have apraxia of speech, read current research regularly, watch webinars related to apraxia, and have participated in the local Walk for Apraxia.

Do you provide consultation/collaboration with other professionals (for example, ​​attending IEP meetings, co treating, etc.) Yes

Age range​ treated?​ 2 to 90

Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Locations where​ treatment ​is ​provided? Office/Clinic

Insurance accepted? Yes