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Business Name: Core Communication Center, PLLC

24 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 105
Lunenburg, Massachusetts01430

Phone Number: (978) 827-0757

Email Address:


Describe treatment approach used: All treatment is specifically tailored and individualized to meet the child's needs based upon the initial assessment or ongoing re-evals. It is critical to boost the child's self esteem and confidence so I meet the child where they are at; targeting sounds they can produce and building on their sound repertoire from there. I am PROMPT trained and this treatment approach has proven success with treating CAS. A multi-modal approach to treatment is also important; particularly for younger children. They need to hear the target, see it (using actual objects, pictures or even signs, visual cues), feel it. Songs, tapping out syllables, jumping on picture targets and incorporating motor actions in a fun motivating way stimulates productions while building in the repetition and practice that is necessary to shape motor patterns. Treatment for CAS consists of 30 minute sessions, 2-3 times per week to maximize progress.

Describe parent/caregiver involvement: At my private practice Core Communication Center, I have set it up specifically that all parents/caregivers are allowed into the session. They sit on the floor with me, or sit on a chair and observe during therapy. I am engaging with their child but they are observing and getting verbal feedback regarding strengths and what is working. In addition, parents are able to ask questions and closely see the progress and successes of their child. Home work activities are provided to facilitate the success of their child. Working as a team with the child's parent is critical for success.

Describe your past and current involvement in the Apraxia community​?​ Over the years, I have been taking workshops on CAS and have focused on learning and building knowledge. I have taken an active role in training and presenting informational workshops to educate early intervention staff on CAS (key indicators to be aware of, treatment approaches, education). I hope to continue training educators in my community and raise awareness to parents. I am always seeking new ways to become involved.

Do you provide consultation/collaboration with other professionals (for example, ​​attending IEP meetings, co treating, etc.) Yes

Age range​ treated?​ birth to adult (all ages)

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am - 12:00 pm

Locations where​ treatment ​is ​provided? Office/Clinic

Insurance accepted? Yes