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Business Name: Therapeutic Potentials, Inc.

Address 1:
11047 Gatewood Dr.
Bradenton, Florida34211

Address 2:
6977 Professional Pkwy
Sarasota, Florida34240

Address 3:
2620 South Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, Florida34239

Phone Number: (941) 302-6015

Email Address:


Describe treatment approach used: I follow evidenced based therapy techniques as indicated through the American Speech and Hearing Association. All treatment plans are individualized based on the students unique needs. Some evidence based diagnostic tools I implement include Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol and PROMPT techniques.
Treatment goals for children with CAS focus on facilitating overall communication and language skills by increasing speech production and intelligibility or, when indicated, using augmentative and alternative forms of communication (AAC), such as gestures, manual signs, voice output devices, and context-specific communication boards. I use motor-programming approaches that utilize motor-learning principles, including the need for many repetitions of speech movements to help the child acquire skills to accurately, consistently, and automatically make sounds and sequences of sounds.

Describe parent/caregiver involvement: Involving significant others in treatment also facilitates home practice by helping these individuals understand and target goals with the child outside the treatment setting. Caregivers are always involved in the sessions to observe techniques. A variety of tasks are provided to the caregivers to implement as a part of the child's home program for carryover into the most natural environments.

Describe your past and current involvement in the Apraxia community​?​ I present at many schools for both parents and educators to gain knowledge about a variety of communication disorders including CAS. I have attended a variety of runs/walks that raise awareness regarding Apraxia. I also write articles for local magazines and have included information regarding apraxia.

Do you provide consultation/collaboration with other professionals (for example, ​​attending IEP meetings, co treating, etc.) Yes

Age range​ treated?​ birth to adult

Hours of operation: Monday-Saturday 8:00AM-7:00PM

Locations where​ treatment ​is ​provided? Office/Clinic, Home, Daycare, Other

Insurance accepted? Yes