Researchers study aspects of characteristics, assessing and treating childhood apraxia of speech so families and clinicians can have evidence base behind the procedures used to help children find their voice.  Apraxia Kids is committed to supporting researchers through funding for their projects, providing platforms for recruiting participants, publishing summaries of their work, and bringing researchers together at symposiums and conferences.


Foreword from the Apraxia Kids Professional Advisory Council:

Research is vital for improving clinical outcomes for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS). For Apraxia Kids to achieve its mission, evidence-based assessment and treatment of children with CAS is critical. Better diagnosis and treatment will come by rigorously testing clinical and scientific ideas. Apraxia Kids is therefore proud to sponsor research grants on topics related to CAS.

However, research can only be conducted if families choose to participate. Scientists cannot determine what assessment techniques or treatment approaches are most promising without volunteers. Studies may address a number of factors such as different treatment techniques, early identification of CAS, long-term outcomes, speech production and speech perception characteristics, behavioral skills such as memory and attention, or biological factors such as genes and brain characteristics.  In some cases, the primary benefits of participating in research may be to help other families down the road, once scientists are able to answer their questions.  The outcomes of research are then disseminated to the wider community of clinicians, researchers, and parents through research articles.

If you have participated in research projects related to CAS, the apraxia community thanks you for this vital service.

Why is research necessary?

Research is necessary to give clinicians guidance about what is best practices for assessment, diagnosis and treatment in order to make the best decisions for each child with CAS.

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Tricia McCabe, Ph.D. CPSP University of Sydney, Australia

Research Grants

Apraxia Kids is committed to supporting researchers by providing funding to research projects that align with the mission and values of the organization.

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Research Participation

Research could not happen without families being willing to participate in research studies. Apraxia Kids facilitates connecting families and children with researchers to participate in their studies.

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Aravind Namasivayam Ph.D., S-LP (C)., Reg. CASLPO University of Toronto, Canada

Research Symposium

Apraxia Kids is honored to bring researchers and clinicians together to discuss previous and current projects as well as the needs for future research in the area of childhood apraxia of speech.

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Published Article Summaries

Apraxia Kids engages with authors of to post summaries and recommendations from their recently published articles.

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Edwin Maas Ph.D.  Temple University, PA
Edwin Maas Ph.D. Temple University, PA
Apraxia Kids values innovation and is committed to funding research initiatives throughout the world.  The generous support of donors allows our organization to fund new and exciting research on a variety of apraxia topics.