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Aşena Karamete

Credentials: SLP

Insurance Accepted: No

Business Name: IDil Speech and Language Center

Business Hours: 09.30-18.30

Treatment Locations: Office/Clinic

Address: mahmut yesari sokak no:88 koşuyolu kadikoy istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey 34718

Phone: 05-352-543711


Percent of CAS cases: 26-50%

Parent Involvement: 
At the beginning of the therapy process, I ask the family to watch the informative videos (my seminar videos and Mayo Clinic CAS informative videos on Youtube). Apart from that, I give detailed information to the family about my evaluation results and the process. I choose goals with the help of the family so that they are functional. Since CAS therapies require intensive and continuous application, I take the family into therapy and make them follow me. If the child’s attention is very distracted while the family is in the room, I videotape my therapy and share it with the family. I explain in detail what I want them to do, and I want them to reach me whenever they see it necessary.

Community Involvement:
I am doing my doctoral thesis on the adaptation of the DEMSS test to Turkish and its validity-reliability study. When my thesis is finished, it will be the first CAS study in Turkish. Apart from this, I believe that I have contributed to the CAS committee by organizing lectures and seminars about CAS.