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Antonela Chezan

Credentials: Bachelor’s Degree, Speech Therapy and Educational Audiology

Insurance Accepted: no

Business Name: Antonela Chezan, Speech Therapy Private Practice

Treatment Locations: Clinic/Office, School, Telepractice


Phone: +40726249417


Minimum Age Treated: 1.5

Maximum Age Treated: 18+

Percent of CAS cases: 1-10%

Overall Treatment Approach:
CAS therapy is about intensive and frequent exercises. You will notice that we focus on movement of the articulators to shape sounds and words. We will use sensory input, auditory, visual, tactile, gestures that will suggest these sounds, words, intonation, and rhythm of speech. We will use a variable practice to aim for different speech production, different approaches, and sounds combinations. We will model the speech fluency, sometimes you will notice a specific feedback, or a general one. Exercises will include nonwords and melodic therapy intonation, too. We will find an available and suitable AAC together, if necessary, for communication – the ultimate goal for your child.

Community Involvement:
14 May 2022, the first celebration regarding verbal apraxia awareness in Romania, I hosted a webinar for over 400 speech therapists through ASTTLR (Speech and Language Therapists Association for Romania) (see Facebook posts for ASTTLR). Through Apraxia Kids, it was possible to share packages with materials for my colleagues in special education. I was published in 2022 VERBAL APRAXIA, beyond words, a guide for parents, teachers, speech therapists. I introduced Apraxia Kids Proclamation to ASTTLR and we embraced it. There is also research going on in Romania, a comparative study by ASTTLR.

Parent Involvement:
Most of the time I work along with parents, they usually become co -therapists. They are familiar with the activities and routines for speech. I expect them to have a journal where they add practice sound combinations we go over, words to exercise at home, specific movements, and also sensory ideas. I am really happy when I see during the next practice real proof that they are involved. Happens, a lot!

AAC Use/Implementation Expertise:
There is no specific law for children with speech disorders to get an electronic device to support communication in my country. We do not have an AAC tool, but we use electronic tablets with images, words pronounced, and vocabulary applications. We definitely need assistance in this matter.