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Developmental Coordination Disorder – Resources

This diagnosis is sometimes referred to as Clumsy Child Syndrome or to confuse matters more Developmental Dyspraxia (global apraxia). Basically, DCD or Dyspraxia refers to an overall motor incoordination. Children have difficulty planning gross motor movements, organizing their bodies in space and appear awkward and clumsy.

Developmental Coordination Disorder
From Bright Futures at Georgetown University
“Our ability to coordinate movements so that we can button our shirts or tie our shoelaces is often taken for granted. But performing these seemingly simple tasks may be daunting for a child or adolescent with motor coordination problems….”

Developmental Coordination Disorder
From CanChild – Centre for Childhood Disability Research
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Videos on how to help children with DCD/Dyspraxia

Support for DCD
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Dyspraxia Association of Ireland