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Thank you for your interest in helping CASANA and for considering your investment of time in order to raise funds for our mission. The guidelines below should help you as you consider your plans. Please contact us after you have your ideas in mind so that we can approve, discuss and assist you with your fundraiser.

The Ten Golden Guidelines

  1. Please write to us eight weeks in advance of your event with a description of the event or fundraiser that you have in mind. Events should keep in mind our mission and promote the appropriate image of CASANA.
  2. If a budget is anticipated, provide us with the expenses/income you expect. Your expected expenses, as a rule, should not exceed 15 – 20% of the funds generated. Because of our modest budget, CASANA cannot pay your up-front, advance event expenses. These are the responsibility of the event volunteer. Please consider this as you do your planning.
  3. CASANA, The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America, or Apraxia-KIDS cannot be included in the name of the event. Instead, you can name us as a beneficiary in marketing and promotional material.(e.g., “Comedy Night, proceeds to benefit CASANA).
  4. For those wishing to use our name or logo, please submit brochures, flyers, and other materials to us at least six weeks before the event so that we can give you the proper approval for their use. Unauthorized uses are not permitted.
  5. While we cannot give event volunteers our mailing list, it may be possible for CASANA to process a mailing on behalf of the event, when deemed appropriate.
  6. CASANA products may be purchased to sell or give away at the event. Please contact us to discuss costs. We are unable to provide these free of charge.
  7. If requested, we will do everything possible to have a representative attend the event, but please understand that this may be impossible or cost prohibitive. We will strive to fulfill such requests whenever possible.
  8. Donors should be advised to make checks payable to CASANA or The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association in order to take advantage of tax benefits for charitable donations.
  9. Be sure to have fun at your event.
  10. After the event, please send us feedback on how the event turned out, photos, guest addresses, and any other information that you think can be helpful to us.

Thank you for your help and support! You will find your volunteer effort very rewarding!

CASANA Contact Information

Address: The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association, 416 Lincoln Avenue 2nd Fl., Pittsburgh, PA 15209
Phone: 412.343.7102

Contact us about your fundraiser idea