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The online application includes two parts:

Part One

  • an online quiz (15 minute timed, randomly-presented questions)
    • The quiz has been advanced tested on highly experienced SLPs and those who have more limited training and background in CAS.
    • PLEASE, read carefully.  Thoughtfully consider your responses.
    • You will be notified immediately upon completion whether or not you have passed the quiz (80%).
    • You will have three opportunities to take the quiz before being locked out but we suggest not re-taking the test immediately until you have had some time to further your education on CAS.

Part Two

  • A series of short answer questions relating to evaluation and treatment of CAS.
  • Additional questions regarding basic information about you and your practice.
  • Some of your responses to the short answer questions (demographic/contact information, therapy approach, parental involvement, and community involvement) will be parents see when they view your profile.

Once we have had the opportunity to review your short answers, we will contact you to alert you if we are able to include you in the directory.

Your participation in the directory is not a certification or endorsement.  However, parents searching the directory do understand that you have gone through our multi-step vetting process.

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