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Our goal to create an online directory of speech-language professionals who are successful and experienced in the assessment and treatment of children with apraxia of speech.   We recognize that not all professionals have training or significant experience with this population. Additionally, CASANA feels very strongly about the use of evidence-based practices, continuous learning, and professional development in the most up-to-date knowledge and research on childhood apraxia of speech.

In order to best serve parents and caregivers seeking help for their children, CASANA has created an application and vetting process for speech-language pathologists to enroll in the directory.  At this time due to system limitations, we can only list SLPs from the United States and Canada.


The online application includes:

  • an online quiz (15 minutes, randomly presented questions)  The quiz has been advanced tested on highly experienced SLPs and those who have more limited training and background in CAS.  PLEASE, read carefully.  Thoughtfully consider your responses.  You will be notified immediately upon completion if you have passed the quiz (80%) or if you have not received at least an 80% on the quiz.
  • a series of short answer questions
  • and additional questions regarding basic information about the SLP and their practice.

If you successfully pass the 15 minute quiz and move on to Part 2 – the short answer questions, we anticipate a total time of about 30 – 35 minutes.  Be sure you have time to complete all information before you start the quiz. You will want to have a list of your courses/continuing education classes on childhood apraxia of speech, dates, and titles available.  Additionally, you should know that some of your responses to short questions will be included on the “front end” of our website in your directory listing, should we be able to approve your listing at this time.  For example, questions about your address, phone, email, therapy approach, parental involvement and other items are included in the website directory.  Be sure to use the professional address, email and phone number you’d want to be on the internet.

If you pass the multiple choice portion, but do not have adequate time to complete the short answers, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.

Once we have had the opportunity to review your answers to Part 2, we will contact you to alert you if we are able to include you in the directory at this time.  You will receive a response within 10 business days of submission. Those who successfully move through our multi-step process will be approved, listed in the directory and we suggest a $25.00 donation to our organization for the maintenance of the directory and searchable database.

Your participation in the directory is not a certification or endorsement.  However, parents searching the directory do understand that you have gone through our multi-step vetting process.

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