Apraxia Kids is proud to offer resources to speech-language pathologists so that they can provide newly diagnosed families with information about childhood apraxia of speech right away. Upon receiving a diagnosis, many families may feel overwhelmed. You can hang our “Apraxia Fast Facts” signs in your office to explain CAS, or request our “New to Apraxia” brochures at no cost for SLPs.


This kit includes materials for SLPs in a clinic, school, or private practice to share when speaking to families about childhood apraxia of speech. 

  • New to Apraxia Brochures – share with caregivers as an easy-to-read explanation about CAS or place in a common area for individuals to take.
  • Activity Pages – coloring pages & word searches – use while engaging with a child or share with families as an at-home activity.
  • Awareness Rack Card – place in a common area for individuals to take
  • Apraxia Kids business cards
  • 1 example parent folder – show caregivers this example folder when talking about the support offered by Apraxia Kids and let them know how they can order one themselves.
  • $15 Optional Add-on – Time to Sing CD – Use while engaging with children.  The songs are arranged by composer Michael Moricz, Music Director of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Songs are slowed down to sing along with your client!


Inform families in your clinic, school, or private practice of some quick facts about childhood apraxia of speech! Print out these flyers and display them where everyone will be able to learn more!



Apraxia Kids is proud to offer “New to Apraxia” brochures for SLPs at no cost. Keep these on hand, and have them ready should a child be diagnosed with apraxia of speech. The family will be able to walk away feeling supported and have something to refer back to once they are home and have processed the information.

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Comparison of CAS Dysarthria and Severe Phonological Disorder Chart

A comparison chart of adult apraxia versus adult dysarthria to aid in SLPs in differential diagnosis.


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