Bilinguals with CAS: You’ve Got This

These three modules provide introductory information for SLPs about working with children with CAS whose first language is not English. The modules discuss foundational information about bilingualism, assessment, and treatment for children with CAS.

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Module 1: Overview, Myths, Bilingualism & CAS

This module is for speech-language pathologists who wish to gain expertise in working with individuals with childhood apraxia of speech. The module provides a rationale, overview, and description of working with CAS in bilinguals regardless of whether the SLP speaks more than one language. A framework for understanding CAS within different languages is provided.

Module 2: Assessment of CAS in the Bilingual

This module describes how the bilingual or monolingual SLP can assess CAS in a bilingual child.  Adaptations to the components of an assessment for CAS in monolinguals will be discussed. Considerations for adapting CAS measures to different languages will be explored. Assessment of a variety of bilingual types will be explored.

Module 3: CAS Treatment Approaches for the Bilingual

This module describes how and why the bilingual or monolingual SLP supports a bilingual treatment approach for individuals with CAS. Evidence based treatment approaches which incorporate motor learning principles will be framed within a variety of bilingual delivery approaches, depending on the client and their familial supports and needs.