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Volunteer Outreach Coordinator FAQs



What are the dates of the training?

  • December 7-9, 2018

I’m under 18.  Can I apply?

  • We are not accepting minors for this program at this time

I am college student.  Can I apply?

  • Yes, but be aware of the monthly and annual time commitments for this position.

Can I nominate myself to be an Outreach Coordinator?

  • Yes! Once you are nominated, you will receive an application via email.

Can I apply without being nominated?

  • No, nominate yourself if you would like to participate but have not been nominated.

How long will I be expected to perform Outreach Coordinator duties?

  • Minimum of 2 years

How many hours a month should I be doing Outreach Coordinator duties?

  • Minimum 20 hours a month

Do I get paid for being an outreach coordinator?

  • This is a volunteer position that is not paid. However, Apraxia Kids will reimburse appropriate expenses, etc.

I cannot attend the training in December.  Should I still apply?

  • No

What are the goals of an Outreach Coordinator?

  • Develop and facilitate local parent support groups
  • Organize social and learning activities for local families of children with CAS
  • Provide outreach to families not already connected to Apraxia Kids
  • Assist in the organization of local workshops for area speech professionals
  • Partner with area Walks for Apraxia and Walk Coordinators
  • Promote Apraxia Kids programs locally, such as Speech Tablets for Apraxia, National Conference on Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Walk for Apraxia, etc.
  • Engage in Apraxia Awareness Month activities
  • University and physician outreach

What is Apraxia Kids providing to help me be an Outreach Coordinator in my area?

  • Intensive leadership training provided by national office staff
  • Attendance at Apraxia Kids’ National Conference on Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Reimbursement of approved incurred expenses
  • Regular contact with Program Manager
  • Contribute to the expansion of knowledge and resources for CAS at the community level
  • Development of a strong relationship with a national organization meeting the needs of the community
  • Respect and public recognition of efforts furthering the mission of Apraxia Kids

Do I have to travel to be an Outreach Coordinator?

  • In addition to attending the Outreach Coordinator training and our National Conference, travel within driving distance may be required

When will I find out if I am selected?

  • Outreach Coordinators will be announced on September 18th.


Additional Questions

Do I have to be active on social media to be involved in Outreach?

  • Using social media is an integral part of the Outreach Coordinator bringing resources and expertise to their community.

Do you have to be a family member of a child with apraxia to be an outreach coordinator?

  • Direct knowledge of childhood apraxia of speech and established apraxia communities is a qualification for the position.

Who is overseeing the Outreach Coordinator program at Apraxia Kids?

  • Our Program Manager, Brandice Wilburn.

What are the qualifications to be an Outreach Coordinator?

  • Direct knowledge of childhood apraxia of speech and established apraxia communities
  • Openly supports the mission and efforts of Apraxia Kids
  • Cultural competency to work with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds across boundaries of class, race, and issue.
  • Detail-oriented with excellent verbal and written communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills


What is Apraxia Kids going to do to help me maintain relationships I have developed as an Outreach Coordinator?

  • Our Program Manager, Brandice Wilburn will be assisting the Outreach Coordinators to help ensure these relationships continue and are strengthened.

I need help in my area but cannot do it.  What type of person should I nominate?

  • You should nominate someone who wants to make an impact for children with apraxia of speech in their community. They need to openly support the mission of Apraxia Kids, exhibit cultural competency to work with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds across boundaries of class, race, & issue and be detail-oriented with excellent written & verbal communication skills.

Can an SLP be an Outreach Coordinator?

  • SLPs will be considered as well.  As with all candidates, many factors will be taken into account in making the selections for Outreach Coordinators.