Every Child DESERVES A Voice. Are you In? #GivingTuesday


Dear Friends and Supporters,

TODAY is #GivingTuesday, a day directly following Black Friday and Cyber Monday which reminds us that our giving spirits during the holiday season can aspire to do so much more than purchase “stuff”.
We invite you to join us in CASANAs vision that every childevery one of themdeserves a voice.
We know that “having a voice” for a child with apraxia means being able to speak and communicate, but it also means so much more.  “Having a voice” for a child who has been impacted with apraxia also means that:
  • She is able to develop confidence and certainty that her voice matters, is listened to and respected.
  • He is able to take communication risks and be supported in the process.
  • Each child with apraxia understands that his or her personal gifts, talents, and abilities are very much needed in the world.

We are so happy to see the impact of CASANAs work on children affected by apraxia and their families.  We remain the only national nonprofit organization dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to children with apraxia. Are you with us?  Are you in? We hope that you will consider joining with our mission and vision this giving season.

You can make a donation through our website!

Apraxia related Gifts with a Purpose

Thank you so much for your commitment and partnership!


Sharon GretzExecutive Director/Founder