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1. Keeping your messages to the Listserv courteous to other members

Apraxia-KIDS is a high-volume discussion forum and includes over 2,000 people. To continue to encourage quality conversation with this number of people, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the following “netiquette”:

  • Please remember that not all notes you write need to go through the Listserv itself. Only send notes to the Listserv if you think your comments add something new to the topic, if you have a question, a query, a news item, a technique, etc. Write to the Listserv if you need to celebrate or vent. Write to the Listserv if you think many people will benefit from your information. Lots of notes can be sent individually. Many of us also communicate to the individual who writes a note, not to the Listserv itself. This consideration allows for so many people to remain subscribed to such a high volume discussion forum.
  • When you respond to another member’s note to the Listserv, do not simply hit your “reply to all” button, type your note above the entire note you’re replying to, and click “send”. Take the time to delete most of the original note that you’re replying to, leaving only a few sentences that indicate the part of the note that you’re responding to and the original sender’s name (this helps with the flow of conversation). If you do inadvertently forward the full text of the original note when posting your own message, the Listserv moderator will help you to learn how to edit your posts.
  • Do not send attachments to the Listserv (no files or photos). Send your notes in PLAIN TEXT (do not bold, italicize, or otherwise format the post). The Listserv software is designed for accessibility to the maximum number of participants. For many of those participants, formatting and attachments sent via e mail cause difficulties.
  • When posting to the Apraxia-Kids Listserv, please include only the Apraxia-Kids Listserv address in the “TO:” section of your notes. Adding other recipients’ e-mail addresses or other Listservs addresses in the “TO:” section is referred to as “cross posting”. We certainly encourage you to send your note to other appropriate Listservs, but address it separately and individually for the Apraxia-Kids Listserv.
  • Be sure the subject line of your note reflects the content you are discussing. If you are a digest user, we highly suggest that you change the subject line or folks aren’t likely to fully focus on your note and you may lose important insight from other members. Also, if you fail to put a subject in the subject line, you may not get the full response you hoped for. Finally, if you are posting about a related topic, but not about apraxia, we ask you to type “off topic” in the subject line. Please do not post notes that are so general as to not be related at all.
  • If you have a concern about an Internet virus, contact the moderator. Do not post virus notices to the Listserv. When information about new viruses is brought to the attention of the moderator, she sends a note to the Listserv. Many virus notices are hoaxes or pertain to legitimate viruses that most of the Internet community is already aware of.
  • We are a supportive group at Apraxia-Kids. We do not insult one another and we expect decency, civility, and support from members. That’s the rule and we monitor it incessantly. This Listserv was developed to provide a forum for information for parents with the hope that professionals would join us, learn with us, and also benefit. Parents do and will share frustrations and concerns, and we advise therapists and other professionals to realize that the venting is part of the process, to not personalize it as an attack on you or your profession. We do ask, Parents, that you be cognizant of what you write. Equally, we have therapists confronting difficult issues with parents. They need to be able to share those concerns also. We ask that no matter the topic, we converse on the list with respect for each other.
  • Keep email related to the topic and purpose of the group. The purpose of the Apraxia-Kids listserv is to provide an electronic forum for information sharing related to apraxia, its assessment, treatment and the language, learning, social and educational ramifications to the children.

2. Moderation of the Listserv

This is a moderated Listserv. Your list moderator is Donna Marucci ( It is her job to insure that the Listserv notes are on topic and conform to our policies. We reserve the right to edit or reject any postings to Apraxia-Kids that are not in keeping with our policies. Moderation of high volume Listservs is a courtesy to you and adds to the quality of content for members. Therefore, in return, please be courteous in your correspondence with Donna.

3. Options for those members who are overwhelmed by the volume of e-mail from the Listserv

You can choose to SET DIGEST so that instead of individual e-mail trickling in all day, you receive one large e-mail, containing all the notes from the day, sent to you once each day. To get the digest version:
Address an e-mail to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU
Leave the subject line blank
In the body of the message, type: SET APRAXIA-KIDS DIGEST

4. Protecting your privacy

Our managers alone have access to the complete list of subscriber addresses. We protect this Listserv from being used by advertisers, junk mail enthusiasts and others who would invade your privacy. For more information: Apraxia-Kids Privacy Statement

5. Spam

Advertisements and commercials from for-profit or nonprofit enterprises are inappropriate. All such notes will be reviewed, modified and/or deleted. Apraxia-Kids reserves the right to determine if such notes are advertisements versus information sharing. If you are unsure as to whether the information you would like to post is considered to be “spam,” please contact the moderator and provide her with the text of your proposed submission so that she may make a determination for you.

Groups unrelated or unaffiliated to CASANA and Apraxia-Kids are welcome to submit information on meetings, events, and seminars. These notices will be handled in the same fashion as all other notes to the Listserv and will, before posting, be evaluated for adherence to our policies and a determination of their appropriateness to the Apraxia-Kids forum will be made. Apraxia-Kids reserves the right to accept, edit, or reject any posting made to its Listserv.

5. Best Interest Determination

Apraxia-KIDS staff and administrators reserve the right to make a determination of rejecting a note in whole or part due to the best interest of Apraxia-KIDS and/or the organizations that support Apraxia-KIDS (CASANA and The Hendrix Foundation). Many factors may come into play including complex ethical, legal, and professional related issues. It is solely within the right of Apraxia-KIDS staff and administration to make a best interest determination.

FINALLY – We hope you will find, as thousands of others have, that the Apraxia-Kids Listserv is a forum with incredible value to all those interested in issues related to Childhood Apraxia. We have developed and evolved our set of operating principles over seven years now. We do, however, understand that Apraxia-Kids cannot be all things to all people. Some individuals may prefer non-moderated, policy free Listservs. However, for those who prefer streamlined, well managed, authentic, up-to-date and timely forums, we think you’ll enjoy being part of the supportive Apraxia-Kids Community! Please feel free to contact us for further information.