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An advanced interactive therapy webinar series for Speech-Language Pathologists will be offered again by the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA) with Dave Hammer, MA, CCC-SLP as the faculty leader. This advanced training is designed for therapists who are interested in increasing their use of best practices in CAS treatment and deepening their critical clinical thinking skills as they apply to real life therapy case examples.

The advanced webinar will consist of 3 webinar sessions (two 2-hour sessions and one 90-minute session) for three consecutive months. There will be required readings between sessions.  Videos will be shown representing two age ranges.  Each month between sessions, clinical assignments will be expected     relative to the implementation of observed techniques into the participant’s own therapy. Written clinical reflections will be required prior to sessions 2 and 3.  Therapists will be expected  to attend all three sessions and to be active participants in ongoing discussion time that will be built into the webinar series.

Advanced Webinar Training Series & Colloquium – Critical Thinking in Childhood Apraxia of Speech Treatment