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Business Name: Excel Pediatric Speech and Language Canter

1774 Market St. Ext
Warren, Pennsylvania16365

Phone Number: (814) 723-2872

Email Address:

Describe treatment approach used: Using a multi-modality approach and varied treatment strategies, our therapy is tailored to the individual child's needs and interests. It is always one-on-one and designed to treat other speech or language problems that may occur with Apraxia. Treatment typically includes speech sound imitation skills, developing speech/oral-motor movement patterns and sequences, increasing length and complexity of syllable patterns, and teaching appropriate prosody for longer utterances. Augmentative communication systems are implemented when needed. Treatment may also address word finding and language organization issues.

Describe parent/caregiver involvement: Parents are allowed and encouraged to observe the therapy session if they so choose. Each therapy visit is reviewed with the parent or caregiver and a short homework assignment is assigned for daily practice. Assignments could be a new syllable sequence, movement gesture or a few new words to be reinforced at home for a few minutes each day.

Describe your past and current involvement in the Apraxia community​?​ I have sponsored some of my patients with CAS in CASANA's Apraxia Walks. I have also helped a few of my patients gain access to iPads through CASANA's iPads for Apraxia Programs.

Do you provide consultation/collaboration with other professionals (for example, ​​attending IEP meetings, co treating, etc.) Yes

Age range​ treated?​ 1.5 to 17

Hours of operation: Monday through Thursday 8:00-5:00
Friday 8:00 -12:00

Locations where​ treatment ​is ​provided? Office/Clinic

Insurance accepted? Yes