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Business Name: Carter Therapy

3600 Hulen St., Suite D1
Fort Worth, Texas76107

Phone Number: (817) 247-0654

Email Address:


Describe treatment approach used: Treatment is catered to each individual child with the goal of making treatment of fun and functional. Treatment targets are selected based on the results of the assessment, along with ideas from the parent on what targets would be most useful. Treatment focuses on the movements required for sound combinations. It is based on the principles of motor learning and follows DTTC hierarchy in most cases. A variety of cueing (tactile, visual, verbal, etc.) is used in order to make the child successful. Cueing and feedback varies based on how successful productions are or how much support the child needs. Sessions are structured in a way that allows the child to have numerous productions trials.

Describe parent/caregiver involvement: I love for parents to be involved in the therapy process. This allows me to teach them ways to cue and support their child, and they are able to see their child be successful with communicating. This also helps to ensure that parents feel comfortable practicing at home, which is important with CAS. Sometimes, however, it is not possible or productive for parents to be in the sessions. In that case, I will spend the last few minutes recapping the session and give the parent words to practice at home that should be successful.

Describe your past and current involvement in the Apraxia community​?​ I am happy to advocate for my patients with CAS. This could mean explaining diagnosis or treatment to other therapists, teachers, or family members, or it could mean providing resources for ARD meetings. I also subscribe to the CASANA newsletter and am a part of some apraxia groups on Facebook.

Do you provide consultation/collaboration with other professionals (for example, ​​attending IEP meetings, co treating, etc.) Yes

Age range​ treated?​ 2 to 25

Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday 9-6

Locations where​ treatment ​is ​provided? Office/Clinic, Daycare

Insurance accepted? Yes