Sarah Hanson

Associated Speech and Language Specialists

Credentials: MA-CCC-SLP
Hours of Operation: Clinic Hours Vary by Location
MON 7:30-7:00
TUES 7:30-7:00
WED 7:30-7:00
THUR 7:30-7:00
FRI 7:30-6:00
SAT 7:30-3:00
SUN Closed
Treatment locations: Office/Clinic
Shoreview, Minnesota 55126

Overall Treatment Approach:
   We emphasize an individualized therapy approach that is child-centered and family focused. We like to get to know each child and use his/her specific interests in therapy sessions. Our initial goals are focused on increasing the child's verbal repertoire, functional communication, and parent education. Speech goals focus on obtaining many repetitions of those sounds the child is able to make as well as eliciting new sounds. Therapy targets typically start with vowels and evolve to address various word shapes as the child is able. Therapy time is play-based while focusing on targeted speech sounds. Functional communication goals include utilizing alternative means for the child to communicate their wants and needs. For example, we may use signs, gestures, or pictures depending on what each child uses most effectively.

Percent of CAS cases: 50

Parent Involvement:
   Parent education is imperative to our therapy process. At the beginning of therapy we discuss the importance of family involvement. Since each child is unique, family involvement is different for all families. Some families request to be present in every session and we can provide modeling for home programming while we are working with their child. Other families prefer that we work with the children independently if we see that the child is making more verbal attempts without family members present in the session. Either way, we provide functional home programming following each session that can be done in a fun, yet systematic way with family members.

Parent Explanation:
   Childhood Apraxia of Speech is motor planning disorder. Most people have not stopped to think about how they talk. In fact, there are many, many different skills that go into the act of speaking. You need to inhale, exhale, and at the exact moment the air is being exhaled the vocal folds, tongue, lips, jaw, and palate all have specific jobs to do for each sound. Then, because words are made up of a series of sounds, the child must plan and execute these movements with correct placement and sequence in order to generate one single word. Just think of how much planning goes into speaking a whole sentence! CAS means that the child has difficulty planning for the sequence of these oral motor movements.

Community Involvement:
   Associated Speech and Language Specialists has participated in the local Apraxia-Kids walks in the fall. I have donated funds and walked with my personal family as well as with my patients' families. I encourage family members to use the Apraxia-Kids website. I particularly like to recommend the Apraxia-Kids’ gift items that have been available over the years to the grandparents of my patients.

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated: 12 mos

Insurance Accepted: Yes