Marina Vertleyb

Marina Vertleyb, MA CCC-SLP, Pediatric Speech Therapy

Credentials: MA CCC-SLP
Hours of Operation: Afternoon and evening hours
Treatment locations: Home|Daycare
Westwood Plaza, 700-76 Broadway, Suite 115
Westwood, New Jersey 7675
Phone: (201) 431-5545

Overall Treatment Approach:
   I start at the level where the child is, with the targets that are motivating, frequent, and give the child most control over the environment ( names, preferred items, food, activities). I start with direct imitation; visual, tactile, and verbal cues, which I fade gradually as the child’s mastery increases. Repetition is important and I structure my sessions to achieve multiple repetitions of target syllables, words, phrases. I use toys, games, repetitive songs and books, and movement to achieve this. Depending on the level of the child, I give the specific feedback and instructions (“big mouth”, “your lips were together”, etc). I utilize PROMPT training, Kaufman Speech Praxis Kit, and Moving Across Syllables program for my English speaking clients. I rely on the same principles when I develop treatment plans and materials suited for by-lingual (Russian-speaking children)

Percent of CAS cases: 20

Parent Involvement:
   I provide speech therapy in my clients’ homes. Parents are encouraged to stay with their child during the session or observe/listen in from another room. I reserve few minutes at the end of the session to discuss what we have worked on. I stress the importance of home practice, give “homework”, and give suggestions of games and activities to use during home practices. I may also help parents establish a more structured reinforcement system to ensure frequent practice.

Community Involvement:
   I recommend that parents look at the Apraxia Kids website as a great source of information. I continue to take continuing education courses to further expand my knowledge base on CAS.

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated: 2

Max Age Treated:

Insurance Accepted: No