Lisa Magee

Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital for Rehabilitation and Therapy Services Middleburg

Credentials: M.S., CCC-SLP
Hours of Operation: 9:00-5:30
Treatment locations: Office/Clinic
17800 Jefferson Park Rd. Suite 101
Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130
Phone: 440-826-0102

Overall Treatment Approach:
   My treatment approach is to first establish a rapport with the child and to increase learning readiness skills. I use a multi-sensory approach to work on speech targets. I use dynamic temporal and tactile cueing (DTTC) in treatment as well as physical prompts, AAC and repetition of functional phrases to increase overall communication skills. I provide target specific feedback throughout therapy sessions. I include parents in treatment planning and carry over education as part of treatment.

Percent of CAS cases:

Parent Involvement:
   I include parents in treatment planning, therapy sessions and carryover. Depending on the child, parents are present for each session or observing. I provide education and specific activities for carry over in home environment.

Community Involvement:
   I participated in the Apraxia walks when I was a graduate student. I follow Apraxia Kids and current research through ASHA.

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated:

Max Age Treated:

Insurance Accepted: Yes