Lauren Nelson

All For Kids Pediatric Therapy

Credentials: M.S. CCC-SLP
Hours of Operation: All For Kids Pediatric Therapy Clinic is open from 7a - 6p Monday-Friday. Available hours vary among therapists.
Treatment locations: Office/Clinic
6927 Old Seward Highway Suite 100
Anchorage, Alaska 99518
Phone: (907)-345-0050

Overall Treatment Approach:
   I choose 1-3 targets per 45 minute session. Targets are chosen according to client's ability and meaningfulness. I work closely with parents and any other therapists treating the child to determine these. In general, I work on new syllable shapes using mastered sounds and new sounds using mastered syllable shapes. I may make an exception if the child shows particular motivation and enthusiasm for saying a certain word (e.g. Minnie Mouse). I utilize a structured reinforcement system to elicit a maximal number of trials for each target. My goal is at least 50 trials per target. I share with the child what their target number is, and I give lots of praise as well as motivating rewards via treats or fun toys for meeting the targeted number of trials in a session. I pay particular attention to prosody and directly teach co-articulation with my kids with CAS. Prompts include integral stimulation (look at me, do as I do) and simultaneous speaking, as well as various touch cues.

Percent of CAS cases: 5

Parent Involvement:
   Parents are key to the effectiveness of speech/language therapy. In all cases, I work with parents to determine which target words/phrases would be appropriate and meaningful for their home and school environment. Parent feedback is essential to judging the true effectiveness of therapy. I rely on my child's parents to let me know if words I'm sending home to practice are relevant and successful within their home environment. I love to problem solve and provide suggestions for parents when practicing speech and prompting their child.

Community Involvement:
   I participated in CAS walks throughout college. I recently volunteered at a camp for children with CAS run by a private practice owner in Texas.

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated: 1.5 years

Max Age Treated: 17 years

Insurance Accepted: Yes