Laura Badertscher

Laura P Badertscher

Credentials: M.Ed, CCC-SLP
Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday 8:30a- 3:30p
Treatment locations: Home|Daycare
PO Box 13167
Tampa, Florida 33681
Phone: (813) 922-8528

Overall Treatment Approach:
   Due to my work with Early Steps (local early intervention program), my treatments are primarily focused on the initial education for the family/caregivers, establishing functional core vocabulary as well as increasing the child's feeling of success during communication attempts. In addition, I strive to provide early literacy development as well as social/pragmatic and language comprehension/use for the child prior to entering preschool. Multi- sensory approaches (auditory, visual, and/or tactile-kinesthetic) are used as well as low tech AAC to assist in success reaching goals. Referrals to additional professionals are made as needed such as OT, AAC specialist, PT, tutoring, etc. in order to meet all the needs of the child. My approach with children over age 3 includes further development of their speech motor skills but also developing the areas of semantics (meaning), pragmatics (social), and syntax (grammar rules).

Percent of CAS cases:

Parent Involvement:
   Parents are involved during every therapy session through direct observation and participation in activities. In addition, parents are an integral part of the overall treatment plan providing information for targeted core vocabulary, the child's personality, carryover and goals. Home programs are individually based not only on the child's skills but what the family is able to accomplish at home for their child's success in speech therapy.

Community Involvement:
   My involvement with the Apraxia community has been directly with the families and children themselves by assisting them with funding options, educating and navigating through the transition to school based services, additional services/programs such as the iPad program, and helping with insurance coverage.

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated: Birth

Max Age Treated: 8

Insurance Accepted: No