Kelsi Sullivan


Credentials: M.S. CCC-SLP
Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM M-F
Treatment locations: Office/Clinic
700 University Drive Galveston, Texas 77554
Galveston, Texas 77554
Phone: (832) 382-3969

Overall Treatment Approach:
   I try to offer high frequency of visits that are 25 to 45 minutes in duration, which is often dictated by the facility. Sometimes, i have to coordinate with patients' schools to maintain a consistent therapy plan with an optimal frequency. I stress the need for daily practice and enjoyable, successful communicative opportunities. i try to find word lists or targets that are relevant to the patient's that ti serve. I try to balance exciting with simple and effective when planning therapy activities to maximize the number of repetitions per target word and maintain the child's attention and cooperation. Sometimes, I have to vary direct targeting of a specific skills, sound or word with working on a few skills at a time or targeting prosody and intonation for a song that is relevant to that child's daily life. Varying the rate of speech and offering direct, constructive feedback helps patients improve awareness for placement of articulators for specific sounds. i use multi sensory cueing including tactile cues, integral stimulation as needed, progressive approximation and sound shaping techniques, phonetic placement techniques, hand cues (the source for apraxia and Easy Does it Apraxia cues), and I attempt to improve the prosody of speech with imitation, role play and song activities.

Percent of CAS cases: 7

Parent Involvement:
   Parent participate in assessment by providing case histories, completing surveys and stating their expectations for treatment. Parents help make potential targets, or goals by listing out words and topics that that patient is most interested in or attempts to use frequently. Parents participate in therapy by serving as conversation partners, taking turns to learn speech hand cues and strategies. I frequently have parents participate in at least one activity per session to help them understand the different cues, so that they may potentially use these strategies for improving home communication and carryover. I want parents to feel important in their child's language - speech development and confident when it comes to practice at home.

Community Involvement:
   I have worked with patients, patient caregivers and coordinated with school staff to optimize therapy plans and frequency of meaningful treatment. I have taken many continuing education courses on line, at ASHA conferences and in local seminars to continue to improve my understanding and skills for this population. I have participated in ASHA sigs to help develop my skills and understanding of CAS. I am a relatively new therapist (3.5 years with my Cs), but I know that I will have more to give as I am able to work with more patients that have CAS.

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated: 30 months

Max Age Treated:

Insurance Accepted: Yes