Kelsey Dowler

Progressive Speech Therapy LLC

Credentials: MS CCC-SLP
Hours of Operation: 9-5 Monday through Friday
Treatment locations: Office/Clinic|Daycare
Ashburn, Virginia 20147

Overall Treatment Approach:
   Treatment should be rooted in the evidence based Principles of Motor Learning (Mass et al, 2008). For children with severe CAS, an approach using Dynamic Temporal Tactile Cueing (DTTC) is taken in order to improve accuracy of production (e.g. visual model, direct imitation, visual cues) through a hierarchical cueing system to allow the child to obtain a complete and consistent vowel inventory. Cues and added and faded based on the level of support needed. Target selection: -based on the child's phonetic, phonemic, and phonotactic inventories and stimulabilty for correct productions -begin with 5 targets for those with severe CAS, 8 for moderate CAS, 10 for mild CAS -focus on core vocabulary, as well as personal power words (e.g. child's name) Acquisition phase: -Mass practice moved to distributed practice -Consistent context moved to varied context (e.g. prosody, pitch, rate) -Blocked practice moved to random practice -Frequent, immediate feedback of performance moved to delayed, feedback of results Retention phase: -Distributed practice -Varied context (e.g. prosody, pitch, rate) -Random practice -Delayed feedback of results -Generalization to natural environment and increased phrase length

Percent of CAS cases: 50

Parent Involvement:
   -Parents are encouraged to be in the therapy room during therapy sessions if it is not distracting to the child -Parents are given words to target at home or in other natural functional environments -Homework is dependent upon parent-child success level

Parent Explanation:
   -Discussed as a speech disorder, not a medical diagnosis -Breakdown in motor planning -It is emphasized their child "knows what they want to say, but is having difficulty moving their muscles for speech" -It is emphasized that we know the diagnosis a

Community Involvement:
   -Diagnosis and treatment of CAS in the Northern Virginia area -Participated in the CASANA Fundraiser Walk

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated: 2;6

Insurance Accepted: No