Karah Smith

Sprouted Roots Therapy & Wellness

Credentials: M.S., CCC-SLP
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 4:30 - 8:00 PM. Saturdays 9:00 - 2:00 PM
Treatment locations: Office/Clinic, Home, Daycare, Libraries, churches, community centers
5440 SW Westgate Drive Suite #210
Portland, Oregon 97221
Phone: 971-266-3590
Email: karah@sproutedrootswellness.com

Overall Treatment Approach:
   I primarily work with children ages 2.5 - 6 years of age. I first like to establish an effective way for my client to communicate. I get them started with some sort of AAC, whether that be American Sign Language, communication board, Picture Exchange Communication System or a Speech Generating Device. My first few therapy sessions are about building a strong rapport with my client and gaining their trust. I always have a communication board with me with pictures of emotions to use to check in with my clients during our therapy sessions about how they felt about the activity, so they can let me know if something made them feel frustrated, worried, sad etc. My overall treatment approach is heavily influenced by the DTTC and PROMPT approaches and is play-based in nature. I make treatment activities very engaging for my clients and something they are highly motivated by in order to get the maximum amount of repetitions. All of my sessions include prosody work. We use the pictures of emotions cue cards I have the kids say targets in the varied emotional voices (mad, sad, happy, confused, etc). When needed, I also use a gestural cue with my finger raised up or down when we practice words to help the child visualize when intonation rises and falls.

Percent of CAS cases: 40%

Parent Involvement:
   80% of my visits are completed in the child's home with parents present and active participants for the entire therapy session. Parents are active participants in my therapy sessions, and I provide coaching on how they can best help their children with their targets at home. I typically provide parents with one idea/word to target in the time between treatment sessions that the child is successful with, with minimal support. I find much more carry over with this activity than when I would give detailed instructions for multiple carryover targets. I also coach parents, teachers and other SLPs that we are working on the motor plan and co-articulatory transitions, not necessarily specific speech sounds. I coach parents and teachers on syllable shapes and help the team to find and understand accessible targets or appropriate approximations that the child can make for highly motivating items/peers in their classroom or at home for maximum practice.

Community Involvement:
   I recently reached out to a local mom in Portland, Oregon who is trying to organize a group and offered assistance in helping her to set it up.

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated: 2

Max Age Treated: 10

Insurance Accepted: No