Jonathan Preston

Syracuse University

Credentials: PhD, CCC-SLP; Member of Apraxia Kids Professional Advisory Council
Hours of Operation: 9:00-5:30
Treatment locations: Office/Clinic
621 Skytop Rd. Suite 1200
Syracuse, New York 13244
Phone: (315) 443-3143

Overall Treatment Approach:
   In our lab, we test various treatment options for children with CAS. These include the use of biofeedback technologies such as ultrasound to be able to visualize speech movements. Our primary method of practice involves speech motor chaining (building accurate productions around core syllables which target sounds in error, then expanding to multisyllabic words, phrases, and sentences). We also test variations in service delivery, such as distributed vs. intensive treatments. Due to my role as a professor (teacher, researcher), I am currently not a direct service provider in a fee-for-service clinic. I am happy to be contacted about possible participation in research (current studies are listed at Children are seen in my lab through participation in pre-approved research protocols, either by me or by one of the certified Speech-Language Pathologists working with me. However, the Gebbie Clinic at Syracuse University offers traditional fee-for-service evaluations and treatment and accepts insurance, and some of the clinicians who work there also have worked with me in a research capacity.

Percent of CAS cases: 50

Parent Involvement:
   Parents are allowed (and encouraged) to observe our treatment sessions. As part of research, we do not explicitly train parents, but we do offer descriptions of our treatment targets and our approach, and we provide recommendations for continued practice (e.g., what skills to work on once the study concludes).

Community Involvement:
   I am a member of the Apraxia Kids Professional Advisory Committee. I have served as a grant reviewer for Apraxia Kids. I have published several studies on treatments for children with speech sound disorders, including CAS. I have conducted NIH-funded research on CAS, and I make efforts to disseminate those results to the wider community.

Professional consultation/collaboration: No

Min Age Treated: 8

Max Age Treated: 30

Insurance Accepted: No