Jennifer Lano

Speakology, LLC

Credentials: M.S., CCC-SLP
Hours of Operation: Variable.
Treatment locations: Office/Clinic; Home; Daycare; School-based services
45 Westwood Drive
Simsbury, Connecticut 06070
Phone: 203-910-6519

Overall Treatment Approach:
   With apraxia, we find that there is some variability across sessions. Some clients we service daily; others we see weekly. No matter how often we are treating, we make sure to meet our clients where they are that day and help them grow from there. Typically we have a functional lexicon of words and sounds that we are working towards, developed with families and caregivers so that our treatment is tailored to each individual child. From there, mass practice drills are incorporated into the session to help strengthen the correct motor pathways. Visual as well as tactile and kinesthetic cues are also used throughout to help “map in” and provide that motor sensory feedback of how a sound or word is produced. Those cues are then faded, when appropriate. We may create something or participate in a science experiment with our client. We take their interests and blend that into our therapy so that the motivation is there, coupled with the repetition needed to correctly motor plan for those productions.

Percent of CAS cases: 60-80%

Parent Involvement:
   For office and home based visits, our Speakology parents typically spend part or all of each therapy session with us in order to train, educate and brainstorm together. There is the occasion when a child is not able to participate in therapy when a parent or caregiver is present and we do our best to videotape and indirectly collaborate as much as possible. For Speakology visits that occur at an educational facility or daycare, we collaborate at a later date with the families so that they still are very much part of the treatment team. Collaboration doesn’t end with the families either. We treat the whole client, and that includes working and collaborating with other providers, allowing them into our sessions and observing our clients in various settings to ensure carryover.

Community Involvement:
   I have attended previous National and local conferences and made donations on behalf of our clients to further our connection with the greater community. Locally, we continue to be one of the lead treatment providers in the state for motor speech disorders.

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated: None

Max Age Treated: None

Insurance Accepted: Yes