Jena Lohrens-Becker

Credentials: M.A., CCC-SLP/L
Hours of Operation: Monday 9am - 6pmTuesday 9am - 6pmWednesday 9am- 6pmThursday 9am- 6pmFriday- varying hours
Treatment locations: Office/Clinic
19100 Crescent Drive
Mokena, Illinois 60423
Phone: 708-478-5400

Overall Treatment Approach:
   My treatment from child-to-child will be very individualized (and FUN!); however, I will always include a strong emphasis on motor learning principles throughout my decision-making process (which is constantly evolving as the child’s motor speech system develops and changes). I am well trained and practiced in using multimodal cueing (tactile, visual, and auditory cues- including but not limited to PROMPT). I work closely and alongside occupational and physical therapists; thus, I am always treating the whole child and whatever means required to most optimally produce speech in and out of our treatment sessions (for example: use of sensory supports, swings, and/or gross motor movements). Use of functional vocabulary will aid in making treatment targets both attainable and meaningful to the child and his/her family. Additionally, I have a broad amount of experience assessing the need for and implementing both high and low tech augmentative and alternative means of communication (AAC) when necessary for the child.

Percent of CAS cases: 30

Parent Involvement:
   My ultimate goal for each child is successful communication and I will work with each child and his/her family throughout the process to aid in constant growth and improvement across all communication needs. Parent and family education is one of the key components to my treatment. In order for a child to generalize and carry-over skills taught in therapy session to all other environments, especially the home, caregivers are continually educated, not only on techniques and speech targets used in the session, but also on the decision making and rationales behind the sessions’ context and objectives. With that being said, if not practical for the caregiver to be in the session or observing the session, follow-up (about what we did/what went well/what was difficult/and what to work on at home) will be conducted as needed, whether it is in written or verbal means.

Community Involvement:
   My involvement with apraxia (and motor speech disorders in general) has been on a continuous basis since the beginning of my speech-language pathology profession. I have attended workshops and conferences specifically related to CAS through Apraxia Kids, ASHA, PROMPT, and other continuing education agencies. I am actively involved in many apraxia Facebook groups both for parents and professionals. I have presented at two different ASHA conventions.

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated: birth

Max Age Treated: 20

Insurance Accepted: Yes