Ginny Hemmer

Children's Speech and Language Services of Springfield

Credentials: MA CCC-SLP
Hours of Operation: I have a private clinic with a staff of 7 SLPs. We are open Monday thru Friday 7:30am to 7pm. We will be offering Saturday morning hours beginning in October 2017. All staff is PROMPT trained at various levels from Introduction to Certification, one other SLP on staff is a PROMPT instructor. Therapists are mentored weekly by PROMPT Instructors.
Treatment locations: Office/Clinic
6354 Rolling Mill Place #103
Springfield, Virginia 22152
Phone: (703) 866-0344

Overall Treatment Approach:
   Once I have determined areas of breakdown in speech motor control, I choose three priorities in treatment based on the stages that are determined as areas of need. If the client is demonstrating an aberrant attractor state such as fixed retraction or no lower mandibular boundary, then that is always the first priority in treatment. Once the 3 priorities are chosen, then I chose motor phoneme links (sounds) that will target the areas of break down. Then I develop a lexicon of functional syllables, words and phrases that target the areas of need. I then use massed practice (at least 20 trials) and distributive practice, along with the tactile kinesthetic PROMPTs in every session. There are four different levels of PROMPT that can be used based on what you see from your clients, so I switch between parameter PROMPTs that provide broad organizing support for those more impaired systems to surface PROMPTs, syllable PROMPTs and complex PROMPTs

Percent of CAS cases: 80

Parent Involvement:
   I always show parents the PROMPT assessment tools and explain their child's areas of need. Once the child is able to produce targets in treatment at 75% accuracy, parents are given these targets along with guidance for using these functional targets in a variety of activities across a variety of settings with a variety of listeners. Parents are also provided with training regarding quality of productions and verbal cues that can be used to establish consistency between and treatment and home.

Community Involvement:
   I teach PROMPT Introduction to Technique workshops. I have also developed several online courses for PROMPT Institute that break down learning into smaller units, such as "How to Develop a Lexicon for Treatment" and "How to set up a PROMPT session". I have run many study groups for local SLPs who are looking for support with their PROMPT learning. I developed a video that was used at a Apraxia Kids presentation a few years back entitled "The Nine Key Components to the PROMPT Approach".

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated: 1.5

Max Age Treated:

Insurance Accepted: Yes