Georgia Duan


Credentials: MS, CCC-SLP, TSSLD-BE
Hours of Operation: 8 am - 3 pm Home Visits in Manhattan and the Bronx Services provided in Spanish, German & Italian with options to use ASL and/or AAC for communication. Email to inquire about availability.
Treatment locations: Other
Bronx, New York 10459

Overall Treatment Approach:
   Motor learning principles are key! We practice repetition, multi-sensory learning at first. There are often comorbid conditions such as hearing loss. The vowel distortions can be improved with direct cues like “open” and gestures to increase intelligibility. To help sequence phonemes we sometimes fingerspell the sounds/letters or use pacing boards. To expand utterances, we use carrier phrases and sentence strips, tiles or manipulative to visualize each word. For prosody and intonation we sing songs, chant, rap and use biofeedback like recording and rating self-made videos.

Percent of CAS cases: 5

Parent Involvement:
   I conduct parent trainings, provide simple but repetitive daily homework, message pictures of student work on a secure messaging platform and share regular progress monitoring to discuss gains or areas of need.

Parent Explanation:
   Based on my assessments and observations, your child has motor planning difficulties. This means it is difficult to coordinate the mouth, tongue and lips to create speech sounds. Your child knows the words to say, but the brain does not send that to the mouth. There are many speech goals we can work on and your child can be helped with regular speech therapy 2-4 times a week (as appropriate) for 30 minutes. Speech activities need to be practiced everywhere (home, supermarket, park, school) In order for your child to make lasting progress. It is like playing soccer, getting better and better every time you practice. The speech sounds and eventually words are going to become part of muscle memory so the coordination will not be as difficult and speech will come more naturally.

Community Involvement:
   I was lucky to gain practical experience with a large caseload of children with mild to severe apraxia during my externships and clinical fellowship. I was referred to David Hammer’s treatment videos and had read Edythe Strand’s writings on apraxia and DTTC. Apraxia and motor speech disorders are a passion of mine.

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated: 3

Insurance Accepted: No