Gabriele Nicolet

SpeechKids, LLC

Credentials: M.A., CCC-SLP
Hours of Operation: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Monday - Friday
Treatment locations: Office/Clinic|Home|Daycare
616 Aspen Street, NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20012
Phone: (202) 306-0505

Overall Treatment Approach:
   I use PROMPT to treat children with a CAS diagnosis. We start at phonation if we have to -- gaining control over turning the voice on and off, and then add phonemes into functional words and phrases. The vocabulary we choose needs to be functional and flexible so that the child can practice in natural settings when not in therapy. We work up in complexity and length as the child demonstrates progress. At all stages in therapy, I try to make sure that we stay in that "optimum zone of motivation" (the place between apathy and utter frustration): motivation is where the learning happens!

Percent of CAS cases: 20

Parent Involvement:
   Parents (or caregivers) are expected to attend therapy sessions and practice strategies that we target together. If parents cannot be present, I always leave a therapy note at the home or school so that the adult can know what we worked on during the session. The note also usually has a "homework" assignment (for example, a functional word to practice and how/when to do so). I also try to ask parents what situations, words, or people are particularly important to them so that we can find a way to target these in therapy. Another important aspect of the therapy is an indirect one: I often have parents practice slightly different ways of interacting with their children. Specifically, we practice asking fewer questions and making more (and shorter!) statements. For example, I sometimes have the parents set a timer for 5 minutes and practice only using single words to describe what the child is doing. This is HARD for parents!!!

Community Involvement:
   We participated, as a practice, in the Nation's Capital Walk for Apraxia in 2017 and plan to do so again.

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated:

Max Age Treated:

Insurance Accepted: No