Danielle Castle

The Speech Castle

Credentials: M.S., CCC SLP
Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday: after school hours Friday-Saturday: 8-7pm
Treatment locations: Office/Clinic|Home|Daycare

Broomfield, Colorado 80020
Phone: 720-600-8949
Email: danielle@speechcastle.com

Overall Treatment Approach:
    My overall treatment approach for child with CAS is very much like my assessment approach in that I look at the whole child. When it comes to treatment, I need to consider the needs and strengths of the family and school environment as well. What can I do outside of my treatment to encourage carryover and skill generalization across the board? In addition, children need to be prepared for therapy so they must trust me and WANT to come to speech. My goal is to make it fun while also getting as many trials as I can into a session with appropriate breaks when needed – keeping it fun! I have experience from ages 2 to adolescents and have gained experience with various challenging behaviors so I know how to adjust my routine, lesson, or game in order to get the most out of a child while still making it fun! I am Level II trained in PROMPT, which stands for Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets. I include this dynamic tactile-kinesthetic approach into my practice where appropriate. I have seen this treatment work with some and not with others, and that is an important observation as a clinician to notice. I consistently look at what cues my patient needs and how to implement them into my lesson plan. In addition, I share with parents what works and what doesn't work. I know that some children respond to PROMPT, Kaufman, sign-language, gross motor movement throughout the whole session, looking in a mirror, making videos, etc. I use a combination of strategies and cues (tactile, verbal, auditory, visual) and approaches (DTTC, ReST) and base my treatment on the WHOLE child. I also implement AAC (low-tech or high-tech) when necessary and use it to enhance a child's communicative independence.

Percent of CAS cases: I specialize in speech sounds disorders and autism. About 15-20% of my case at this time involves CAS.

Parent Involvement:
   Parent involvement is crucial to a child's success. If a parent is not interested or involved in therapy, I try to find a way to GET them involved and interested. How can this benefit the whole family? How can I make practicing speech part of an everyday routine so families don't even have to think about it? How can I make generalization fun and beneficial without feeling like I'm just giving HOMEWORK? Motor skills are practiced in my session with many trials and repetitive movements. Motor learning happens when motor skills we are working on are carried over and are built into a functional task, a routine in a family's regular day. Most importantly, I need the parents. I need their expertise on their child! They know this child inside and out, their motivation, their preferences, and we need to work with everything that this child LOVES in order to make successful treatment plans.

Community Involvement:
   I’m passionate about raising awareness about Childhood Apraxia of Speech and while I’m not originally from Colorado, I have completely fallen in love with this state and am committed to being involved with Apraxia Kids and all the amazing families! I started my own private practice in 2019 (www.speechcastle.com) and am committed to sharing information about CAS and events helping families and children on my social media accounts and blog. I look forward to being a part of awareness and training in my current location throughout the Foothills and Denver Metro area!

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated: 2

Max Age Treated: n/a

Insurance Accepted: Yes