Amy Graham

Graham Speech Therapy, LLC

Credentials: M.A., CCC-SLP
Hours of Operation: 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M., M - F
Treatment locations: Office/Clinic
458 All Sky Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921
Phone: (719) 888-9555

Overall Treatment Approach:
   My goal first and foremost is to foster a trusting and fun relationship with every child that comes to me for treatment and to offer encouragement and guidance to parents. I tailor my treatment approach to each individual client by meeting them at their ability level and determining what types of supports (visual, verbal, and/or tactile) work best for them. I frequently utilize a variety of evidence-based treatment intervention approaches, such as Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing (DTTC), Rapid Syllable Transition Treatment (ReST), always incorporating principles of motor learning (i.e., increased production of targets, distributed practice, variability of targets, random presentation of targets, and providing appropriate feedback to the child). I am trained in PROMPT, as well.

Percent of CAS cases: I specialize in pediatric speech sound disorders and approximately 25% of my caseload are children with CAS.

Parent Involvement:
   Collaborating with parents is a big part of my treatment approach. Input from parents and caregivers helps us work together to develop meaningful and appropriate target words and phrases for their child’s speech goals (e.g., family members names, favorite foods, tv shows, favorite activities) so their child can feel successful in their attempts at communication as quickly as possible. I frequently have parents sit in on our sessions so they can ask questions in real time and see what prompts and cues may work best for their child. I try to provide creative ways for parents to integrate “speech practice” into their daily routines so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Keeping a positive and open line of communication with parents is such an integral part of effective speech therapy.

Community Involvement:
   I’m committed to raising awareness about Childhood Apraxia of Speech and supporting and equipping other SLPs to provide evidence-based therapy through my social media following on Instagram and Facebook. I frequently post therapy videos on Instagram stories demonstrating strategies for using evidence based practice for effective treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech. I have participated closely in the Denver Apraxia Walk here in Colorado and have begun to speak on the topic of CAS at professional conferences in Colorado, as well. I've had the pleasure of being interviewed by several SLP Podcasts, most notably by SLPNow on the SpeechTherapyPD podcast network. I look forward to many more ways I can raise awareness about CAS and help SLPs be more confident in assessing and treating children with CAS.

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated: 3

Max Age Treated: n/a

Insurance Accepted: No