Alisson Reber

Well Said Communication Therapy & Evaluation

Hours of Operation: Varies
Treatment locations: Office/Clinic, Home, Daycare, School, if applicable
1229 S. Shelby St.
Louisville, Kentucky 40203
Phone: 502-608-6839

Overall Treatment Approach:
    In sessions, maintaining excellent rapport is my top priority, because I know that every child with CAS has experienced struggle to convince their communication muscles to behave predictably. Thus, I ensure I match affect and energy level, change the environment and activities to suit sensory needs and interests, adjust my reward systems, and establish very clear routines in order to make sure the child views me as a predictable and trustworthy communication partner. Positive rapport allows me to elicit the very high number of repetitions required in Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing, on which I primarily base my sessions. Because studies show that kids learn best through play, everything I do in therapy sessions is either targeted within a game, or sandwiched between brief periods of fun activities. I target rhythmic/prosodic features, functional vocabulary, AAC, visual aids, teaching approximations, and sets of words with similar or contrasting oral gestures, depending on the case.

Percent of CAS cases: 10%

Parent Involvement:
   My approach to family education/involvement in sessions is individualized, and dependent in part on parent learning style. I inquire about parent preferences at the outset of treatment, and I check in frequently about perceptions as treatment progresses. I encourage family-style therapy whenever possible; although many children do best with 1:1 attention, you'll sometimes see me with three family members at a table, working on goals together! I like to give realistic "homework" assignments that are simple and easy to integrate into the family routine.

Community Involvement:
   I have sought many continuing education units in CAS, because these clients really capture my interest. I have just signed up for the Apraxia Kids CEU registry, and to help plan an apraxia walk in 2020. I want to build a community of Louisville families who are affected by CAS, while I expand my skills and help more kids communicate better.

Professional consultation/collaboration: Yes

Min Age Treated: 1 year

Max Age Treated: 22 years

Insurance Accepted: No