National Conference FAQ

What is the price to attend the conference?

  • Parents/Caregivers: $200
  • Apraxia Community Member $200
  • Professionals $300
  • Professional Group Rate $250 (3 or more from the same business)
  • Students $75 (undergraduate or graduate students studying communications disorders, audiology, hearing)

Do I have to register and pay to attend the conference?

Answer:  Yes. Conference registration is required in order to attend conference sessions and virtual events. Registration is now closed.

When is the deadline to register for the conference?

Answer:  The deadline to register for the conference is June 23, 2021.

Can I get a discount on the registration fee?

Answer:  Qualifying participants are encouraged to apply for a Hardship grant by May 31, 2021. Decisions will be made on a rolling basis and awarded to offset half of the registration fee.

Are group rates available for professionals?

Answer: Yes, group rates are available! You can register for a group rate directly through the website with professional groups of 3 or more. Please note that only one form of payment can be accepted for the whole group. Group rates are available to professionals that are within the same agency, practice, or school district.

Why do I have to pay to attend?

Answer:  Registration fees help pay for the costs associated with a conference of this scale, including providing necessary technology and offering the highest caliber of speakers. Our conference registration fees are in line with other large national conferences. Feedback from previous conferences tells us that many parents and professionals found it well worth the cost for what they had learned. We hope that those families struggling to afford the registration fees will take advantage of our hardship grant, provided generously by our donors.

What is a Virtual Conference?

Answer:  A virtual conference provides the opportunity for all attendees to access all offered sessions either during the conference dates or by watching recordings of the sessions for a period of time after the actual conference.  Multiple speaker sessions will be available through a platform and accessed from any device connected to the internet.  During the three day Apraxia Kids Conference period (July 8-10), attendees will choose a session to watch during each session time slot which will consist of either a live presenter at that time or a pre-recorded session. Beginning July 12, all sessions will be available as recordings for attendees to watch for a limited time. In addition, there will be live engagement opportunities to chat with speakers and other attendees on specific topics.  All of this information from the comfort of your home!

When will the complete schedule of sessions and speakers be available?

Answer:  The complete schedule of sessions and speakers is now available!  Click here to view the schedule.  

How will I choose what sessions I want to attend?

Answer:  Each attendee will be sent instructions and links to access the conference platform. The platform will open July 1 and attendees will create their own login and be able to set their schedule by picking what session they want to attend for each time slot.  There will be an introductory video that will explain the process. Once your schedule is set, you are ready for opening day!

How many people can attend each session during the 3 day conference?

AnswerThere will not be a limit to how many people can attend each session.

How will I receive handouts?

Answer:  All handouts will be available within the conference platform for downloading.

How can I ask questions during the sessions?

Answer:  During the sessions, there will be a monitored chat where attendees can type questions. For sessions with live presenters, those questions could be given to the speaker at the end of the presentation as time allows. If the session is pre-recorded, the questions entered into the chat will be given to the presenter to respond to during the evening live chats with speakers.

Will there be opportunities for engagement?

Answer:  Yes, there will be opportunities to engage with speakers and fellow attendees during the noon EDT breaks as well as in the evenings for those attending the 3 day conference. More information will be coming later regarding these opportunities.

Will I have access to all of the sessions or only those I chose to watch July 8-10th?

Answer:  You will have access to all sessions starting July 12 for a limited time. During the 3 day conference, you will have the opportunity to create your schedule to attend sessions at the designated time slots. At the conclusion of the conference, recordings of each session, including access to handouts, will be available for a limited time.

What is the difference between live and pre-recorded sessions?

Answer:  Sessions that are marked as live will take place at their assigned time listed on the National Conference Schedule.  You will be able to watch the session live at the specific time on July 8, 9 or 10.  If you miss a live session, you will have an opportunity to watch the recorded version following the completion of the conference.  However, there are a handful of sessions that will be live and NOT recorded. The only way to view those sessions will be to watch them live at their scheduled time.  Pre-recorded sessions can be viewed during their scheduled time on July 8, 9, or 10 or can be viewed when it is convenient for you.

What is the difference between signing up as a professional vs a community member?

Answer:  If you do not need to have documentation from Apraxia Kids on how many hours you attended, then you may sign up as a community member and you will receive a certificate saying you attended the three-day conference.  If you need documentation saying how many hours you watched or how many CEUs you earned during the 3 day conference and/or afterwards, then you need to register as a professional.

Will continuing education credits be available for members of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) who attend the conference?

Answer:  Yes. For those participants who comply with all documentation requirements, including completion of surveys for each session watched, Apraxia Kids will file CEUs to be documented in their ASHA CEU Registry for sessions attended live and recorded. In addition, a Certificate documenting the number of hours received for sessions attended during the three-day conference and for recorded sessions watched after the conference will be sent to all professionals for those who track their own CEUs for licensure and certification. Please allow 3 months after July 31 for ASHA processing of the CEUs.

Can I receive continuing education credits for my professional organization that is not ASHA?

Answer:  It depends. All attendees of the conference will receive a “Certificate of Attendance” that will be emailed to them after the conference saying they attended the three-day conference. It will provide a total number of hours of attendance for the three-day  conference. It will not give the number of hours of total attended sessions. Several professional organizations, other than ASHA, will accept certificates of attendance from Apraxia Kids as proof of attendance and will offer continuing education credits to its members. You will have to check with your own professional organization in order to determine if this applies to you. Registered professionals will also be sent a Certificate documenting the total number of hours received for sessions attended during the three-day conference and for recorded sessions watched after the conference.  It will be based on the professional submitting completed surveys for each session attended.

Will I get continuing education credits (CEUs) for just the sessions I participate in July 8-10, or will I receive CEUs for all sessions that I watch?

Answer:  Yes, you will receive CEUs for all sessions that you watch and complete appropriate documentation.

I am a professional but do not need ASHA CEUs. Can I register as a community member instead of as a professional?

Answer:  It depends on the type of documentation you need following the conference. All attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance to document that they attended the three-day conference, which will provide a total number of hours of attendance for the three-day conference. If a professional needs documentation on how many hours they attended for licensure/certification requirements, they need to register as a professional. Registered professionals will have surveys to complete for each session they attend (both during the three-day conference and for any sessions watched after the conference). From those surveys, Apraxia Kids will give each professional a certificate that says how many CEUs/hours they earned. If they want ASHA CEUs, then we will also file those for them if we have all of their information including their ASHA number. 

What is the SLP-Is-In-Booth?

Answer:  The SLP-Is-In-Booth provides an opportunity for parents and therapists to get advice and guidance from an apraxia specialist throughout the National Conference. Details regarding sign-up for a specific time to chat with a specialist will be shared in June.

I would like to donate to support the mission of Apraxia Kids. How can I do that?

Answer:  Please click here to make a donation to Apraxia Kids.

I would like to become more involved/volunteer. How can I connect with someone from the organization?

Answer:  Please email or contact our office at 412-785-7072.

What is the refund policy for the 2021 Conference?

Answer:  We understand that as July approaches you may find that you can no longer attend the conference. Please note our refund policy below. All refund requests should be sent via email to

• A full refund will be provided for refund requests received before June 15th, 2021.
• Partial Refunds (conference registration less a $50 processing fee) will be provided for refund requests received between June 15th – July 7th, 2021.
• NO refunds will be provided for any requests received after July 7th, 2021.

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